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4 Steps to Savings With A Wireless Audit

May 31, 2018, Expense Management

Managing wireless costs in an environment where they are becoming increasingly important to every aspect of business is no easy task. Carriers often don’t make...

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How Telecom Expense Management Can Help Healthcare Organizations

May 3, 2018, Expense Management

By Scott Davis Current Trends and Drivers in the Healthcare Industry The healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. Healthcare organizations are contending with increasing...

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3 Ways to Improve Telecom Provisioning Processes and Costs

April 5, 2018, Expense Management

When it comes to managing communications, organizations can benefit greatly from the automation of manual, routine tasks and processes related to telecom provisioning. Typical processes...

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Why It Matters: Driving IT Value with ITEM Solutions Integration

March 15, 2018, Expense Management

IT departments have more significant initiatives that require effective collaboration with clients and suppliers and real-time cost transparency than ever before. No longer is IT...

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Untangling Telecom Part 3: Understanding the Process, Can Change the Outcome

December 28, 2017, Expense Management

By Larry Foster In the first blog of this series, I outlined why your telecom bill can be a confusing process. Sanctioned utility agreements between...

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Change, Not Chance, Creates Better Outcomes

Untangling Telecom Part 2: Change, Not Chance, Creates Better Outcomes

December 21, 2017, Expense Management

By Larry Foster My entire career has been in the technology industry. I started out teaching electrical engineering classes and labs at Southern Illinois University...

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Untangling complicated telecom bills

Untangling Telecom Part 1: Why is my bill so confusing?

December 14, 2017, Expense Management

By Larry Foster This blog is the first of a three-part series that takes a behind the scene look at the complexity involved with billing...

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Mismanaging telecom inventory brings risks

Telecom Inventory Management: What are the Risks of Mismanagement?

November 2, 2017, Expense Management

By Jessica VanVorst Having full visibility and control over your entire telecom inventory landscape, from hardware, software licenses and digital assets, is one of the...

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Taking Stock: Maximizing Your Strategic Value Impact with ICT Inventory Management

October 19, 2017, Expense Management

By Larry Foster Inventory management is becoming more complex, especially with the increase of non-traditional IT assets.  This week at Calero World Online, I co-hosted...

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Shared Services Management

4 Signs Your Organization Could Benefit from a Shared Services Management Approach

September 21, 2017, Financial Management

By Scott Davis Tracking communication spend across the organization can be a challenge – especially with more companies moving to cloud solutions. Separate silos of...

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