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Go Deep with SaaS Expense Management

The ultimate SaaS spend management platform to easily gain control of your organization's sprawling software licenses and variable spend.

Transform your software asset management experience with a single platform that offers a centralized view of all your SaaS applications and gives you comprehensive insight into your entire software-as-a-service estate. Access real-time data including software application usage, license utilization, SaaS spend, and software asset portfolio ROI, to help you make better decisions that will save your organization time and resources.

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Solution Features

API Integrations

Direct integration with vendor APIs uncovers your entire software asset estate within minutes, giving you granular user information and usage analytics instantly.

Inventory Management

SaaS inventory management tools with advanced API integrations enable direct inventory loading, allowing users to store and track software usage and license costs.

Contract Management

In-depth benchmarking tools allow you conduct meaningful price assessments and help you negotiate software license agreements to get the best SaaS renewal rates possible.

Expense Audit and Validation

SaaS cost optimization tools provide detailed information for validating application costs and identifying contract inaccuracies to help you uncover shadow IT and consolidate your application portfolio.

Granular Insights

Gain detailed and granular insight into your entire software asset estate. Accurately track application usage and easily allocate license costs across multiple departments and regions.

Performance Monitoring

Effectively manage your application portfolio with SaaS performance monitoring. Our solution integrates directly with HRIS systems for automated policy management and governance.




Single Click Application Connector 

Granular Insights and Application Data

SaaS Performance Monitoring

Identify Shadow IT


Centralized location to manage your application data

Real-time usage and cost allocation metrics

Configurable SaaS analytics dashboards

Self-service and self-certification to share data with team members






Proactive application utilization notifications and waste alerts

Advanced analytics with usage and ROI metrics

Provision and deprovision licenses automatically

HRIS integrations for easy onboarding and offboarding

Zoom Microsoft 365 SAP Salesforce GoToMeeting servicenow Adobe okta Azure Active Directory RingCentral GoToMeeting G-Suite ciso WEBEX

Powerful Analytics

  • Analytics module helps you manage the total cost of your enterprise SaaS spend
  • Rich standard content allows you to harness all of your data and usage patterns 
  • Fully configurable, self-service analytics give you the data and clarity you need to make the best decisions

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Why Choose Our SaaS Spend Management Solutions?

  • Employee Experience

    • Simple UX increases user satisfaction, resulting in increased employee engagement and retention 
    • Easily access and share configurable analytics dashboards with team members and increasing productivity with faster decision-making, streamlined processes, and increased efficiency 
    • Quickly provision and deprovision licenses while staying compliant with company security and governance policies​
  • Quality Service

    • Automation enables faster response times, more accurate outcomes, and improved quality of service for employees 
    • In-region support provides faster response times, reduced disruption, improved communication, and better understanding of local needs 
    • Industry best practices and access to expertise and resources help you manage complex mobility challenges and opportunities 
    • Calero is the only TEM provider offering comprehensive services with world-class SLAs and XLAs
  • Proven ROI

    • Measure and demonstrate the value of your software asset estate with SaaS ROI dashboard
    • Improve financial performance with the fastest time-to-value in the industry 
    • Find cost savings through optimized software license usage (zero-usage, right-sizing, etc.) and procurement 

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