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Managed Mobility Services

November 18, 2013, Mobility / Service Support

Enterprise Mobility

Our Managed Mobility Services help organizations manage and optimize mobile workforce performance – by securing access functions and providing expert insight and logistical support to streamline business operations and minimize disruptions to service.

Mobility poses all the communications management challenges of wireline, and then some. Where are your mobile devices? What are they costing you? How are they being used? Are your network and data secure?

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Calero Managed Mobility Services offer management expertise across a full spectrum of mobility areas:

Sourcing and Logistics

We can provide the systems and services used to purchase, provision and activate devices, network services, applications, and accessories; also, we also develop portal-based service catalogs with self-service capabilities (device acquisition, device upgrade, local number portability, service plans and report lost/stolen) for corporate-liable devices. Our forward and reverse logistics support includes staging and kitting, depot repair, advanced replacement and recycling and device cascading.

Our BYOD program and services help organizations provide a consistent user experience for corporate installed applications, and ensure secure access and effective content management for mobile workers. Learn more about: SOURCING AND LOGISTICS

Mobile Service Management

We’ll manage the systems and services to inventory network contracts and endpoints. Our mobile experts will audit and make recommendations to optimize spending on mobile services, based on ongoing inspection of contracts, standing inventories and call details. They can also set up a proactive usage management program, in which usage has a threshold based on policies on global and regional roaming, expense thresholds and location. Learn more about: MOBILE SERVICE MANAGEMENT

Devices and Systems

Calero Managed Mobility Services include the mobile device management (MDM) systems and internal support services that make device-specific information visible, measure device performance and health diagnostics, manage and optimize connection options (cellular, hot spot and Wi-Fi), establish process control and apply consistent change and revision management processes and methodologies. Learn more about: MOBILE DEVICES AND MDM SYSTEMS

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Application and Messaging

Calero experts provide the systems and services to support corporate messaging, mobile application distribution, and updating (updates, upgrades, patches/fixes) across diverse devices and OSs. Learn more about: APPLICATION AND MESSAGING

Security and Content

Our solution includes the systems and services to administer and enforce rule-based policies relating to access and consumption of corporate resources and content through authentication, encryption and containerization. Learn more about: SECURITY AND CONTENT

Program and Financial Management

Our mobility experts will act as agents on your behalf with third-party providers — such as MNOs, application publishers (independent software vendors [ISVs]), device OEMs and device resellers — to conduct ongoing and project-based services such as service outage, network performance and coverage issues; warranty management; device upgrade management and local number portability transfer issues.

We also offer management of device financing plans, program audits, payments and disputes, and allocation of mobility expenses. Learn more about: PROGRAM AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

Reporting & Business Intelligence

We offer the tools and professional services that provide you with practical information and analytics, in order to improve financial forecasts and conduct effective usage planning. Learn more about: MOBILE REPORTING AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE

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