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Mobile Device Lifecycle Programs for Sustainable Business

Sustainability is a growing area of involvement for many businesses, with boards and other guidance teams increasingly focused on environmental issues as part of an organization’s overall corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. If you’re a thought leader working on sustainability initiatives, your company’s e-waste recycling program may not have been a big factor in the past. However, new mobile device lifecycle management practices that could be changing.

As users rely more heavily on mobile devices to do their jobs, they expect their smartphones and tablets to be fast, up to date, and reliable. Your employees are likely using their phones for a wide variety of activities, from collaborating on documents to participating in team discussions and attending webinars. Because speed and parity with the latest crop of apps is such a priority, it’s little surprise that the average smartphone replacement cycle is just over 2.5 years. That level of churn brings the topic of electronic waste front and center and makes it a core element in device lifecycle management.

All those obsolete tools provide a new opportunity to boost your enterprise’s sustainability efforts while nurturing employee engagement. And while most mobile recycling services don’t offer many sustainability options, Calero has partnered with Mobile reCell to deliver an innovative solution that’s easy, cost effective, and enables businesses to bring employees along on their sustainability journey.

A mobile asset recovery program built for today’s business environment

If your TEM provider isn’t offering sustainability as a part of their offering, then you may already behind. Why? Because mobility is among the easiest and most effective places to begin pursuing a comprehensive—and impactful—sustainability strategy.

Historically, e-waste management and technology recycling programs largely revolved around buybacks. Their processes were often cumbersome, narrowly focused, expensive, or all three. That approach no longer meets the needs of today’s dynamic enterprises. Users are more likely than ever to be remote, their device needs are more sophisticated, and their desire to work for a company that has an eye on the future of sustainability is more serious.

There are also growing security risks from all those unused mobile devices that find their way into employees’ desk drawers or home junk drawers. There is potentially sensitive corporate data sitting outside your control, tucked within an obsolete smartphone or banged-up tablet. If your business has data retention requirements, a cybersecurity program, or if you’re bound by discovery or other regulatory rules, then that information could represent a real risk. Just one example is the recent enforcement action by the SEC, which resulted in multi-million-dollar penalties against more than a dozen financial and investment firms that failed to maintain and preserve electronic communications. Our recycling program helps you plug those potential vulnerabilities and gets your data back into your hands so you can ensure it remains secure.

Finally, a mobile device recycling solution that delivers the data you want

Given the replacement rate for laptops, tablets, and smartphones, even relatively small businesses can create a lot of e-waste. Adopting mobile lifecycle management practices that include recycling damaged or disused devices as they’re swapped out can transform your sustainability strategy. But it was sometimes difficult in the past to measure the success of your organization’s sustainability efforts or prove your business was genuinely committed to reducing its environmental impact. Fuzzy claims about sustainability don’t fly with investors, customers, or employees. Fortunately, the data delivered through our solution with Mobile reCell is clear and transparent.

You’ll have customized environmental impact reports to show the outcomes of your device recovery program. How much material has your company conserved? How much e-waste did you divert from landfills? The data gives you a way to measure the success of your organization’s sustainability efforts and identify opportunities for additional improvements. The easy-to-use dashboard also gives employees a quick view of how their participation in your recycling program contributes to a sustainable future. The dashboard displays how much CO2 a user has kept out of the atmosphere, for example, or the equivalent number of laundry loads they’ve saved in energy usage. 

For businesses, mobile device disposal is rarely a top priority when it comes to executing on sustainability initiatives or maintaining a cybersecurity posture. However, the right e-waste management program can actively contribute to your efforts. The new mobility management solution from Calero offers a quick win across both areas of concern. Working in tandem with Mobile reCell, we make it easy for employees to dispose of their devices securely and sustainably. We are the experts in managed mobility solutions and we can help you trim your environmental impact, retain control over your mobile-based data, and save you money.