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Access the latest blog, news and events content from Calero-MDSL.


Calero First to Launch SaaS into Technology Expense Management Space

Calero, the leader in the Technology Expense Management (TEM) industry, announced it is transforming expense management yet again with the launch of the first ever SaaS Expense Management solution. 

Rochester, NY (April 26, 2022) – On Monday, Calero announced the launch of their new SaaS Expense Management solution at the AOTMP (Association of Telecom Management Professionals) Engage conference. Having launched the celebrated UCaaS solution in 2021, this newest product from Calero expands the breadth and depth of the solution into the greater SaaS space. This enables the modernization, centralization, and optimization of an enterprise’s expense management across their overall SaaS portfolio and is further evidence that Calero continues to invest in the forward-looking needs of IT expense and lifecycle management across wireline, mobility, and now full SaaS.  

Forging the Path

Enterprise SaaS usage goes far beyond communication applications. Productivity, HR, analytics, security, IT, development, design, and account management are some of the most used enterprise SaaS applications. Enterprises have historically managed these in silos, without line of sight to full spend. But Calero knows you can’t control what you can’t see, and is shedding much needed light on SaaS spend, redefining what it means to manage enterprise SaaS applications, subscriptions, and individual licenses. 

“The TEM industry has historically had an obvious and singular path of innovation that has made differentiating nuanced. Calero has now truly broken away from the pack of TEMs. We are redefining what it means to be a technology expense management company by focusing on the needs of the digital worker,” says Andrew Taylor, President and CRO of Calero, “We proved it was possible with UCaaS, which had an overwhelmingly positive market reaction. Now our Customers are enthusiastically partnering with us to solve their most pressing SaaS challenges.” 

Daring to Innovate

Connectivity, devices, and now applications are managed in the same platform, from the enterprise portfolio level, all the way down to the individual employee’s usage and expenses, delivering unmatched visibility, control, and optimization within one solution. Calero continues to innovate, investing in going wider on the number of SaaS connectors and deeper with the insights and actions pulled from each application:

  • Visibility - Discover subscriptions, usage, spend, and waste across an entire SaaS portfolio. View automatically synced data at the portfolio, application, and user levels.
  • Control – No need to manage each SaaS vendor in disparate portals - analyze and act in a single pane of glass with normalized information and insights. Arrange data to make informed business decisions. Empower employees to self-serve and self-certify.
  • Optimization – Identify candidates to right-size and cut back, through utilization and waste alerts and notifications. Unassign licenses automatically or notify users to act and integrate directly with HRIS platform to manage onboarding/offboarding.

Calero has prioritized removing barriers to Customer adoption, historically a major pain point for TEM implementations. Direct connection to SaaS application portals takes one click and insights are produced within minutes. The product automates waste reduction through rule-based alerts, purpose-built workflows, and integrations.  This visibility and control of the full SaaS portfolio results in realized savings through deep utilization-based optimization, analytics, and automation tools.

The Calero solution continues to prioritize Customer-centric innovation with SaaS Expense Management – a strategic move that no other TEM provider can deliver today. 

See the Calero SaaS expense management solution in action at 

About Calero  

Calerois the leading Technology Expense Management provider, managing over $25 billion in spend worldwide for thousands of organizations in over 50 countries. With a deep commitment to innovation and customer success, Calero partners with organizations to provide a modernized, centralized technology expense management solution that supports Telecom Expense Management, Managed Mobility Services, and SaaS Subscription Management. Calero is the industry leader in initiatives that solve pervasive market problems and continues to be recognized by industry analysts for award-winning achievements. The company is committed to serving customers with innovative solutions that provide visibility, control, and optimization of their entire technology ecosystem.