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Take control of your network transformation with UCaaS management.

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Optimized Unified Communications

Easily take control of your organization's network transformation with the ultimate UCaaS and cloud spend management platform.


Simplify your unified communications management experience with a single platform that offers a centralized view of all your cloud communications applications, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, giving you comprehensive insight into your entire unified communications estate. Access real-time data, including call detail records, license utilization, cloud spend, and cloud cost analysis, to help you consolidate and organize company resources.

Solution Features

Fully Integrated

Integrates with ALL major vendors including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex

  • Vendor API Integrations

    Direct integrations with the major unified communications providers, including Teams, Zoom, and Webex uncover your entire enterprise UCaaS estate within minutes, instantly giving you granular user information and usage analytics

  • Official Recognition

    Recognized and available via the Zoom Marketplace

  • Visibility in Minutes

    Simple, easy onboarding within minutes with zero implementation or maintenance effort

Fast Results

Quickly realizes overspending and underutilization with license tracking software

  • Immediate Cost Savings

    Identify and action zero and low usage, plan optimization, and leavers

  • Ongoing Cost Avoidance

    Application asset management tools allow users to store and track application usage and license costs, keeping you from going back to your vendors for additional software licenses that you don't need

  • Contract Right Sizing

    Understand demand and growth of your cloud communications to negotiate the best contracts

Complete Visibility

Modernized call accounting software tracks call data through smart UC automation

  • Usage Tracking

    Manage your UCaaS providers like any other PBX with call detail records (CDRs) linked directly to their respective users and cost centers, providing in-depth visibility into call tracking data and software license usage


  • Smart Automation

    Automate your DID management and the collection of your cloud communications data

  • Compliance & Governance

    Quickly access historical call records when you need them while ensuring user compliance with internal policy management

Strategic Oversight

Look beyond UCaaS to identify redundancies and functional overlap within your technology estate

  • Application Rationalization

    Rationalize vendors based on unified communications usage and associated location

  • IT Asset Consolidation

    Identify functional overlap to strategically combine spend across UCaaS solutions, managed mobility, and fixed telecom

  • Single Source of Truth

    Easily manage all your cloud communication providers within a single IT software asset management solution

Invoicing Optimization

Cloud cost monitoring and call billing solutions help you track your invoice lifecycle

  • Instant Insights

    Gain immediate context and insight through existing HRIS integrations

  • Cost Allocation

    Efficiently distribute charges across cost centers and personnel, down to the lowest level of available billing detail

  • Managed Bill Pay

    Manage the full invoice lifecycle for fixed and variable spend

Powerful Analytics

Analytics module helps you manage your enterprise UCaaS spend and cloud costs

  • Configurable Dashboards

    Configure and share dashboards with your team using Power BI embedded directly into the platform

  • Performance Monitoring

    Gain actionable insights with detailed spend and usage reports to identify outliers and optimize your unified communications applications

  • Predictive Reporting

    Cloud spend optimization tools provide predictive analytics reports, allowing you to forecast future cloud spend through comparative user data and identify potential call plan overages

Zoom Microsoft 365 RingCentral G-Suite ciso WEBEX




Single Click Application Connector 

Call Detail Record Tracking

Granular Insights and Application Data

UCaaS Performance Monitoring


Centralized location to manage your application data

Real-time usage and cost allocation metrics

Configurable cloud expense management dashboards

Self-service and self-certification to share data with team members






Smart automation aids in call plan right-sizing and real-time consumption management

Advanced analytics with usage and ROI metrics

Provision and deprovision licenses automatically

HRIS integrations for easy onboarding and offboarding

Supporting You Through Your Network Transformation

Ensure that you are adapting to the evolving communications environment and increase your organization's agility through network transformation. 

  • Identify overlapping functionality with your mobile and telecommunications estate

  • Monitor usage and spend as you transition from
    on-premises VoIP to cloud communications

  • Optimize costs and consolidate technologies throughout your network transformation

UCaaS License Management


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Why Choose Our Unified Communications Management Solution?

  • Employee Experience

    • Simple user experience (UX) increases user satisfaction, resulting in increased employee engagement and retention 
    • Easily access and share configurable analytics dashboards with team members to increase productivity and enable faster decision-making, streamlined processes, and greater efficiency
    • Quickly provision and deprovision licenses while staying compliant with company security and governance policies​
  • Leading Innovation

    • Automation enables faster response times, more accurate outcomes, and improved quality of service for your employees 
    • Industry experts offer best practices and resources to help you manage complex enterprise UCaaS challenges and opportunities 
    • Calero is the only managed unified communications provider offering comprehensive services with world-class SLAs and XLAs
  • Proven ROI

    • Realize the value of your unified communications estate with multiple customers experiencing over 100% ROI ​with our UCaaS management solution
    • Measure and demonstrate the value of your unified communications estate with the UCaaS ROI dashboard
    • Improve financial performance with the fastest time-to-value in the industry 
    • Find significant cost savings through optimized software license usage (zero-usage, right-sizing, etc.) and procurement.


  • What is Unified Communications?

    “Unified communications” (UC) refers to the collective suite of products and services used by organizations to facilitate internal and external business communication. These services include instant messaging, voice calls, video conferencing, desktop sharing, and even the displayed availability status of an end user. Unified communications can be on-premise at an organization or hosted by a service provider (UCaaS).

  • What is UCaaS?

    Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) refers to a cloud-based (SaaS) platform that provides communication services, such as chat, voice calls, and web conferencing, to businesses for their employees. UCaaS solutions are hosted by the service provider, such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Zoom, rather than maintained on-premises at the organization using these services. Typically, companies pay for a set number of UCaaS licenses each month from their chosen provider on a subscription model.

  • Which employee communications applications do you integrate with?

    Calero can integrate with virtually any UCaaS application, including major enterprise platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Cisco Webex, Google Voice, and more.

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