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You Can't Manage
What You Can't See

Uncover your entire software application portfolio with SaaS integrations and discovery tools that give you comprehensive visibility and granular insights into your SaaS data.

Visualize Your
SaaS Data

Ingest, normalize, and consolidate your data from multiple sources to visualize your entire enterprise SaaS application portfolio in a single view.

Pull your SaaS data from:

  • SSO
  • SaaS Expenses
  • Endpoint Management
  • Browsers & Firewalls
  • Vendor APIs
  • HRIS


Ingestion Discovery-1


I can’t control what I can’t see.
Where are the costs coming from?
Which SaaS applications are overlapping?
How will I know when a new app is adopted?

Classify, Assign, and Enrich Your SaaS Data

Application Overview


Know what you have, where you have it, and who owns it.

Map and catalog your SaaS data, assign software application owners, and enrich your SaaS integration data using additional sources to uncover insight into usage and consumption.

See It?

Now Manage It.

Visualizing your software application portfolio is just the first step. Take your SaaS experience to the next level with Calero's SaaS Management tools.

Start Managing >


UCaaS License Management


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