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Telecom Inventory Mapping Made Easy: Discovering Your Network with TrueInsight

Updated January 20, 2022

Do you know how much you’re really spending on telecom every year? What if you could see the hidden costs, know what telecom inventory you have, where that inventory is located, and why you have it?

There’s no way to know the answers to these questions unless you can see your company’s complete telecom inventory at every location in one place—a single display of accurate, real-time usage data from all your telecom vendors. But that would require a costly and time-consuming telecom mapping project. In addition, mapping telecom inventory manually allows the potential for errors and oversights.

Or would it?

Discover Instant Insight into Your Telecom Network with Automated Telecom Mapping Technology

With new automated telecom mapping technology, you can get that data within 24 hours, depending on the complexity of your portal setup. This technology works through an API that connects to all your telecom providers’ online systems. It displays all the data as a single network map that lets you see the type of connection, the costs, and where each item is located in real-time. This eliminates time-consuming inventory management and telecom mapping, giving you fast and accurate access to locations, circuits, telephone numbers and more.

In fact, you can search for almost any telecom data you need, including up-to-date circuit IDs, telephone numbers, street addresses, bandwidth and more.

With this automated telecom mapping solution, you get a complete view of all telecom services across all your locations. For instance, you may discover that even though Rome claimed that they were completely converted to VoIP, in reality only 60 percent of employees there are using it. You can see what plans and telephone numbers are connected to each office and find out what percentage of employees are still using POTs (plain-old telephones).

This eliminates the task of mapping your own network, making life much easier for your IT team.

The ability to search for the telecom information you need, knowing that it’s current and accurate, and the rapid, tailored telecom inventory mapping this new technology offers, has the potential to transform the telecom industry with its efficiency and accuracy.

The Calero newly acquired automated telecom mapping technology is TrueInsight. Calero prospects and customers will soon be able to turn network hardware and services data into powerful additional insights that will allow them to leverage new technologies like SD-WAN or reduce costs by identifying redundant or unused circuits. 

Leverage an Easy-to-Use Telecom Mapping Software Tool & Gain Control of Your Technology Estate

Step 1: Gathering Data

TrueInsight telecom mapping software helps you understand the current state of your telecom services quickly, justifying telecom changes and expenses. The solution does this by gathering telecom inventory data automatically for you. You no longer have to spend months chasing down the right information and files from the right people, with key items falling through the cracks. Instead of searching for the answers, you already know the answers to questions, such as:

  • What telecom infrastructure is in place right now? (private branch exchange (PBX), Plain old telephone service (POTS) etc).
  • What types of telecom infrastructure does a location have?
  • What percentage of phones are running off what types of telecom infrastructure?
  • What rates are they paying? What are their agreements with IT suppliers?
  • What’s the performance of the network at the location? Given past issues, is at risk for going down?
  • Where is the actual network structure?

Before TrueInsight, answers to telecom mapping questions like these were stored in disparate databases or spreadsheets, and were hard to access and gather together. Using an innovative and revolutionary process, TrueInsight takes information from an enterprise's telecom carriers, standardizes them and normalizes them to represent the data in a way that's easy for everyone to understand, in a single location.

Step 2: Inventory Capture

Once you have gathered all the information you have available, building your telecom inventory manually takes a lot of time—sometimes several weeks spent in front of a computer standardizing information, creating lists and putting all the information together. You need answers to questions such as:

  • Do we have enough bandwidth to do VOIP at this location?
  • What are our expenses every month in every location?
  • Could we save money and time by reallocating services?
  • How do we make the transformation from POTs to PBX?

All these questions can be answered and managed by TrueInsight providing data on a location's telephone numbers, network capabilities, vendor, inventory type and total spend at every location. For instance, the Geographic Inventory Analytic view represents all these data points and allows you to search by state, city, zip code, inventory type, charges, charge type, vendor and more.

The technology links inventory to specific locations and establishes an inventory hierarchy from primary inventory to lower-level components and features, delivering quicker time to value.

In short, it gives you all the data you need to support your business decisions, justify changes or make the case for big telecom projects.

Step 3: Inventory Management

Manually, it’s hard to keep up with inventory changes and maintain accurate data. With TrueInsight, you’re capturing that telecom inventory directly from the vendor. The automatic updates ensure it will always be accurate. Also, anything users do behind the scenes, such as creating or canceling a new order outside the system, is flagged, and you receive an alert.

TrueInsight supports inventory management by providing a complete visualization of your inventory, and the continuous synchronization of provisioned inventory data.

Your Enterprise Needs TrueInsight Telecom Mapping Software

TrueInsight allows your enterprise the automation to reduce the significant time and cost of telecom mapping and accurate telecom information to make smart business decisions. TrueInsight allows you to:

  • Understand the current state of your telecom services quickly
  • Increase the visibility of your telecom services
  • Reduce the time it takes to identify inventory issues
  • Increase the accuracy of the system inventory
  • Make meaningful decisions about your telecom inventory
  • Increase predictability

To learn more about how TrueInsight can benefit your enterprise and provide in-depth telecom inventory management capabilities, contact Calero or request a demo to get started.