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Mobility Management Made Easy

Enable your team to go further with mobile device management and device lifecycle management.

Mobility Management offers a range of services including device lifecycle management, mobile device security, application management, and mobile expense management.  By outsourcing these tasks to an MMS provider, your organization can direct focus to your core business objectives while ensuring security, compliance, and cost optimization for your entire mobile ecosystem.

Mobility Solution Sheet →

Solution Features

Expense Management

Plan budgets and align with your organization’s financial goals with mobile expense management. Manage your contracts, inventory, invoices, processing, and payments to reduce costs and ensure accurate and optimal billing. 

Automated Procurement

Carrier management and ordering integrations enable your employees to quickly and easily become operational. Gain and retain top talent with flexible procurement options, including Corporate owned and BYOD with end-user PCI credit card support.

Unified Endpoint Management

Support your UEM deployment with Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, and Mobile Content Management to provide policy and compliance management, and endpoint security to protect against threats and data breaches.

End User Portal

Set your employees up for success with the tools and information they need to be connected and productive with company-approved devices and services. Free up IT and support staff time by allowing your employees to self-serve, while adhering to company policies.

Service Desk

Live support and real-time solutions include request fulfilment, incident resolution, IT services and infrastructure implementation, knowledge management, and unified endpoint management, while meeting and exceeding SLAs and XLAs.

Mobile Expense Reporting

Gain greater visibility to your mobile device expenses, data, and application usage to identify areas of savings and take action. Discover cross category trends, configure custom reporting dashboards, and ensure policy compliance. 

Managed Mobility Solutions Catered to Your Needs

Every organization is unique which is why we provide personalized mobility solutions to help you visualize, simplify, and optimize your mobile devices, services, and applications all in a single platform.

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Stay Connected

Global & Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile Device Inventory Management



Increase Productivity

Configurable Mobile Expense Reporting Dashboards

End-to-end Device Lifestyle Management

Self-service Order Fulfillment

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Build a Better Future

Forecast Future Expenses

Scale Where You Need To

Meet Sustainability Initiatives

Mobility Management Services to Enable...


In-Region Support

Backed by Industry Experts

Drives User Satisfaction

Quick Time to Value


Industry Best Practices

Innovative Methodologies

Managing 4.5M+ Devices

Innovative Roadmap


Enterprise Grade Software

Robust Mobility Portal

Configurable Technology

Strategic Integrations

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Why Choose Our Managed Mobility Solutions?

  • Employee Experience

    • UX to increase user satisfaction and employee engagement
    • Configurable dashboards to enable a customized mobile expense management experience
    • Data and integrations to increase productivity and enable decision-making, process streamlining, and increased efficiency 
    • Self-service mobile device lifecycle management to ensure employee compliance with security policies and procedures
    • Self-service portal to unburden IT mobility staff and enable employee order fulfillment 
  • Quality Service

    • Automation to enable faster response times, accurate outcomes, and improved quality of service
    • In-region support to provide reduced disruption, improved communication, and greater understanding of local needs 
    • Expertise to ensure industry best practices and help overcome complex mobility management challenges
    • Industry-leading SLAs and advanced XLAs to increase end-user satisfaction and productivity
  • Proven ROI

    • ROI dashboards to help you measure and demonstrate the value of your managed mobile program, including realized vs. potential savings 
    • Singular solution that expands beyond your managed mobility program
    • Award winning and industry recognized managed mobility services


  • What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) refers to the set of technologies and processes that enable the security and management of devices used within an organization. EMM has several key components, including Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) / Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support, and other compliance and reporting tools. An effective EMM solution ensures that corporate data and resources will be kept secure while also enabling employees to work effectively from their mobile devices. 

  • What is Mobile Device Management?

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) refers to the management and control of mobile devices used by employees within an organization. Through an MDM solution, a company’s IT administrators can remotely manage and secure mobile devices used for work, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. MDM systems offer valuable functionality for organizations, including configuration of device settings, security policy enforcement, device monitoring, and remote data wipe to protect sensitive information. 

    In addition to our forward device logistics services that can configure and enroll an employee’s mobile device in an MDM as part of the ordering process, our solution integrates with several MDM systems, such as VMware’s AirWatch and Workspace ONE, Ivanti’s MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, Citrix’s XenMobile, IBM’s MaaS360, and more for enhanced insight and management capabilities. 

    MDM can also refer to Market Data Management. We do that too! Learn more.
  • What is eBonding?

    Mobile or wireless eBonding automates mobile order transactions and supports electronic order placement with supporting vendors. eBonding eliminates “swivel-chair” order activity by linking directly with vendors, which reduces error rates, improves the speed of orders, and enhances the mobile procurement experience. 

  • How is mobile inventory being tracked?

    In an effective Technology Expense Management (TEM) solution, mobile inventory is tracked through updates from MACD (Move, Add, Change, & Delete) activity. When a mobile asset is initially ordered, configurable workflows route the order through as many levels of review and approval as an organization desires. From there, order information automatically updates the inventory and invoicing information, with status updates reflected within our solution. Mobile assets can be tracked and reported on by associated end user, cost center, device type, usage, vendor, location, mobile number, and more.

  • How do you order mobile devices?

    Our solution offers a centralized self-service mobile procurement portal for end users to order devices and accessories. Through configurable catalogs, employees are provided with a selection of approved devices, services, and accessories that reflect an organization’s mobile policy. As part of our mobile ordering process, end users enjoy a familiar, intuitive shopping experience that mirrors those provided by online retailers and vendors, complete with product previews and helpful visualizations to support the procurement journey.

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