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Access the latest blog, news and events content from Calero-MDSL.


[On-Demand Webinar] WEM with Amalgam Insights, Facebook and Adobe

Updated July 19, 2022

Join Amalgam Insights (Hyoun Park), Facebook (Daniel Garcia), Adobe (John Mockett) and Calero (David Bliss) to explore key trends and salient recommendations in wireless expense management. 
When: On-Demand
Where: Virtual - Link provided after registration

Here's what we have in store for you at this exclusive event:

  • Learn the various factors that are driving the increase in mobility spend
  • Understand the challenges with the management of mobile devices, data plans, accessories, and apps
  • Gain deeper insights into choosing a solution that fits with the organization’s current skills, mobility management needs, and additional concerns that may be related to mobility such as network bandwidth, security, process automation, and other spend areas

The Evolution of Wireless Expense Management

Since the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic, 60% of workers have left the office. At least half of these employees will continue to work from home or on a hybrid schedule moving forward. As we learn to work in these conditions, we learn more about our networks and how they operate. We're seeing increased productivity and less distractions with workers knowing exactly who they're working with and how tasks can get accomplished.

Working in the office posed many steps and/or distractions - commuting, lack of flexibility, and managing personal tasks had a significant hold on the efficacy of getting work done. Now we know the shift is here to stay, so how do we manage?

The change calls for the ability to not just replicate in-office technology, but to enable employees as much as possible. This process starts with enterprise mobility. When investigating cell phones and how they tie to the employee experience, companies are experiencing large discrepancies into corporate liable devices and personal devices used for work. 

Amalgam Insights predicts that enterprise mobility will grow by 12% in 2021. Visibility to the entire inventory has become blurred, and without proper management can get out of hand quickly. This opens the door for waste and can hurt any potential negotiations that could reduce costs.

The Essential Wireless Expense Management Checklist

It's time to gain control and discover new opportunities to manage. When deciding on a partner, there's a lot of noise and fluff. Almost all vendors will stress visibility, customer satisfaction, and focus on invoicing with the ability to avoid late fees. No solution is a one size fits all - here are some key trends to consider:



Aside from these more specific considerations, the idea overall is to dig deeper. Every vendor has it's capabilities and shortcomings and it's essential to investigate all opportunities as you make your way to complete lifecycle management.

Curious to hear thoughts from Adobe and Facebook? Watch the webinar to learn more.