BlogAre You Data Rich, but Insight Poor? Turn Enterprise Data into Information You Can Use

Are You Data Rich, but Insight Poor? Turn Enterprise Data into Information You Can Use

October 26, 2017, Usage Management

By Larry Foster

So many enterprises we meet with have massive amounts of data residing in silos across their organizations. Their struggle is two-fold: how to find the right key to unlock it and how to make sense of the data. Even though they may have so much raw data in their hands, pulling out meaningful information to make strategic decisions is difficult or requires expensive resources to analyze it.

Data alone is meaningless without the proper means to dissect, analyze and interpret it. Data is simply facts or figures — bits of information, but not information itself. It is only when this data is processed, interpreted, organized, structured or presented in a meaningful way does the data become information. Information provides context for data. That’s where analytics comes in. Analytics transform the data you have into useful information – giving you a new level of business value to change every decision you make. The good news is that the task no longer requires mathematical experts but instead, you and I can apply sophisticated analytics to easily unlock the data that surrounds us.

Calero has embedded business intelligence tools within our VeraSMART solution to help enterprises unlock critical communications data residing in their organizations. Calero VeraSMART provides the full spectrum of BI tools to present the information in a way that enables organizations to closely monitor business service operations and make decisions faster.

These business intelligence tools consist of:

  • Dashboards – Consolidated information for real-time visibility and drill-through capability
  • Reporting – Standard or ad hoc custom reports to tell you the “what”
  • Insight Analytics – Interactive way to explore the data to tell you the “why”

Insight Analytics is a guided analytics solution that helps organizations discover information in data which is not readily apparent. The goal is to move from the data itself to reveal the information contained within the data, ultimately uncovering knowledge. The beauty of having a guided analytics process is that it enables you to get what you need in a fraction of the time – without using a team of data scientists. That’s because the intelligence and the pre-determined guided process does a lot of the work for you.

We demonstrated the power of these tools at a recent Calero World Online session. Jay Schaefer, a Calero Technical Solutions Consultant, and I hosted the session which is available as a recorded webcast.  I hope you will check it out and learn more about how Insight Analytics can work for you.

Watch the recorded webcast >>

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