BlogChange the Game with Call Analytics: Go Beyond the ‘What’ and Learn the ‘Why’

Change the Game with Call Analytics: Go Beyond the ‘What’ and Learn the ‘Why’

July 20, 2017, Usage Management

By Paul Miller

Making sense of call record data can be difficult and time consuming. Today’s telecom managers must manage a mix of voice communications – from legacy systems, TDM and MPLS networks, VoIP services and wireless. Many times, the available call accounting software offers standard reporting to show structured data to answer the ‘what’, but that is only part of the story. The real business value comes when you clearly understand the ‘why’ behind the numbers. For example, are there anomalies causing a spike in costs, and if so, what are they? Answering the ‘why’ without proper tools and context is nearly impossible. That’s where call analytics comes into play.

I like to compare it to the process of financial planning for your 401K. To strike the right balance of investments in stocks or bonds, it requires time and a deep understanding of market dynamics. You must have a grasp of how much each element matters to you – from financial security, daily expenses, risk tolerance and more. And to maximize returns, you must constantly re-evaluate your approach and adjust. This process requires having the right intelligence and tools.

Uncovering the new business value of call analytics

Call analytics reveal connections between the data – instantly. It shows you the opportunities and risks from every angle. You have both the what and the why – at your fingertips. When the tools include interactive data discovery and data visualization, telecom managers can deeply explore their call data and make smarter decisions. For instance, it provides deeper understanding of costs by call type such as IDD (international calls). You may need to find out why certain costs have spiked over the past three months. Call analytics enable you to drill down into the data to identify which department cost center or locations have the highest usage and then filter it by personnel. With the high level and deep dive ability, it enables you to view trends and drill to details to expose issues and determine appropriate business action.

Call analytics deliver more business value by providing:

    • Actionable insights in minutes instead of hours or days
    • Visualizations to simplify sharing cost saving opportunities, potential risks and additional insights
    • Comparison of metrics and KPIs to spot subtle trends, geographic patterns, unusual activity and cost spikes, compliance risks and excessive usage
    • Deeper drill downs into your data with free-form exploration to identify problem causes and correlations that warrant further scrutiny

As communications gets more complex, telecom managers that embrace advanced call accounting solutions will gain a better understanding of the what and why – which drives better informed decisions, strategic investments and cost-effective plans for their future communications environment.

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