BlogCalero VeraSMART 12.3 is Now Available

Calero VeraSMART 12.3 is Now Available

February 21, 2019, Usage Management

We’re happy to announce the release of Calero VeraSMART 12.3, the first new VeraSMART update of 2019. This release includes enhancements to mobility and security, among other features and functionality – all designed to increase productivity and simplify how you work.

Here are some of the new features and functionality:

Daily Unbilled Usage

Organizations with a large number of mobile devices can now track Daily Unbilled Usage from Verizon Wireless. This new feature enables Calero VeraSMART to collect Unbilled Usage charge information for the purpose of comparing actual usage to pre-defined expected usage trends (including threshold maximum and minimum limits). Trigger alerts and custom-defined workflows can be created to identify users and devices with excessive usage and those with zero usage. This will help your organization right-size data plans to avoid paying for what you don’t need or overpaying for what you do.  Proactive measures can then be taken to correct potential problems.

Tracking unbilled usage can help avoid unnecessary costs, provide visibility into the current month’s usage, and allow actions to be taken within a timely manner.

Other Mobility Improvements

Version 12.3 includes improvements across Mobility Management for a better user experience.

  • Replacement of the Chat and Act on Behalf of Someone Else icons within the Wireless Portal
  • Addition of Device ID to the Quick Search menu. Users can now search by Wireless Device ID (either MEID, IMEI or ESN)

verasmart 12.3 quick search

  • Modifications to the confirmation messages that are sent when approving/rejecting mobility requests via email.

All references to “BYOD” or “Bring Your Own Device” have been changed to “Personal Device”.  This change applies to all of VeraSMART, including the Wireless Portal and Mobility Menu.

verasmart 12.3 byod personal device

Additionally, System Administrators can now set a fixed shipping address for use on mobility service desk requests to help streamline the checkout process.

Security Enhancements

This release also features security enhancements regarding role-level security, including improved restrictions surrounding content accessibility. System Administrators can now limit content and data access by specific locations, master accounts, and individual roles.

To learn more about these latest features as well as a number of other improvements not mentioned, click here. Premise-based customers with an active maintenance contract can get a complimentary self-upgrade by contacting Calero VeraSMART Technical Support at or by calling (585) 381-0115.