Blog6 Cool Things You Can Do With Calero VeraSMART Call Accounting

6 Cool Things You Can Do With Calero VeraSMART Call Accounting

February 15, 2018, Usage Management

By Paul Miller

When it comes to Call Accounting, ‘cool’ and ‘exciting’ are probably not words you likely associate with it. Calero VeraSMART Wireline and Wireless Call Accounting help you combine, simplify and share landline, cellular, and other business data and allocate telecommunication charges so that you can quickly deal with reporting inquiries, and stay focused on your business operations.

But Calero VeraSMART is way more than just basic call accounting and reporting software. The program offers a wide range of functionality, and robust add-on modules provide a wide range of additional options. Here are 6 cool things you can do with Calero VeraSMART Call Accounting…that you may not know about!

#1 Play ‘What If” with Call Analytics

You already know the ‘what’ with Calero’s reporting engine.  Now take things a step further to determine the ‘why’. Call analytics can tell you why something happened and what to expect in the future. For example, why are your calls so expensive at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week? Is your call volume growing in the areas where you are focusing your marketing efforts? With the InSight Analytics data discovery and visualization module, you can freely explore your data and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions and determine where strategic investments should be made.

#2 Eliminate unused extensions

There are lots of reasons why an extension may go unused – an employee leaves, the extension gets reassigned, a company restructures – regardless, those costs can unexpectedly creep up. Managing unused extensions is easier than ever with the Unused Extensions view. Previously, the ability to identify inactive extensions was done through the “Unused Extension Report”. While helpful, the process to deactivate them could be a little on the tedious side. With the Unused Extensions view, deactivating extensions can be performed right then and there, giving you some much needed time back in your day.

#3 Set up an employee directory

It’s easy to create, maintain and share an employee phone directory. With just a few clicks in the software, you can search by personnel, phone number, cost center, and personal activation status. The directory can be exported to Excel or printed directly from your web browser.

#4 Pinpoint mobile savings opportunities

When it comes to wireless devices, charges for data overages, domestic or international roaming and directory assistance can add up. A few dollars here and there may not sound like much, but can quickly spiral out of control if not monitored closely. Avoid the sticker shock using the optional Wireless Call Accounting module. With powerful reporting and chargeback capabilities, up to 21 checks are automatically performed on each wireless invoice to identify savings opportunities. The results are displayed in a single, interactive console for easy viewing. It can even identify devices that are not part of a shared minutes plan so you can adjust accordingly.

#5 Set up multi-currency CDR rating

With our International Call Rating option, customers with switches located outside the North American Numbering Plan are provided multi-currency call detail record (CDR) ratings for more than 100,000 city and country codes around the world. With flexible rate plans and support for international currencies, multinational organizations can reduce the cost of their global communications networks and facilitate data integration. The Calero Rate Table Service can even match international costs to the customer’s specific carrier rate.

#6 Identify/Tag Business vs. Personal Calls

Keeping track of business and personal calls for expense classification, reimbursement or usage tracking can be daunting without the right tools. The optional Personal Call Identification (PCI) module makes it easy for employees (and for yourself) to identify which calls are business-related and those that are not. Once identified, administrators can generate and distribute reports to the appropriate cost centers. It’s a great way to stay on top of personal call volume and associated costs.

And, this is just the tip of the iceberg – there’s so much more you can do with the software. Are you ready to dive in and unleash the full potential of Calero VeraSMART Call Accounting?  For more details on all the functionality mentioned above, you can download our brochure.