Usage Management Reporting and Business Intelligence

Usage Management Reporting and Business Intelligence

Gain Actionable Insights

Reporting and Business Intelligence is the most fundamental component of Calero’s Usage Management solution. Using InSight Analytics we bring in data from multiple sources, combining the data elements to generate actionable business intelligence and offering a wide range of flexible distribution and sharing options, this component ensures the right people and 3rd party applications get the right usage and cost information at the right time.

Reporting and Business Intelligence includes the following capabilities:

Interactive Dashboards

Our solution enables hierarchical aggregation and guided drill-down presentation of your data to facilitate record-level identification of issues presented in a dashboard format.
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Pre-Built Reports

Suite of frequently-used reports that are pre-designed and included with base applications.

Custom Report Generation

Our solution enables custom querying, presentation and formatting data retrieved from your system.

Data Table Views and Exports

We provide the ability to view data stored in tables, in customizable views with ability to select columns, and filter which records to include; and the ability to export data to Excel

On-Demand Data Exports

We enable the export of data into common file formats.

Scheduled Report Generation

We facilitate the configuration of user-defined schedules to execute generation and email deliver of your published report.

Wireless Usage Analysis

We can automatically perform analyses of imported wireless invoices to identify opportunities to save money, based on comparison of charges, usage patterns, purchases, and other attributes of your corporate-liable wireless devices.

Watch the Video: Insight Analytics

Learn about how Insight Analytics helps you transform your voice, mobile and unified communications data into actionable insight that drives decision-making and hard-dollar savings.

To find out more, visit the InSight Analytics Solution page.