BlogCalero PINNACLE 7.4 Now Available!

Calero PINNACLE 7.4 Now Available!

June 27, 2019, Expense Management, Uncategorized

We are pleased to announce the availability of Calero PINNACLE 7.4.  This latest release includes new features and functionality designed to enhance productivity, performance and provide greater control over user access.  General enhancements include:

  • Access-controlled analytics: Now control which users have access to analytic “apps”, as well as limit the types of data the user can see within an app.  This allows administrators to make financial apps available to only certain users, or let certain users see only wireless data versus data for landline, cloud, or data services.
  • RESTful web service integrations: REST web services provide an alternative method to integrate to another application, enabling customers to have more flexibility when it comes to their integrations.
  • Invoice management updates: Several enhancements include the addition of “Country” to the UDR Source Types profile, which allows users to better manage invoices by country, along with the addition of an “Associated Vendor Service ID” field (in addition to the Service Number) for more accurate matching during the invoice loading process, among others.

  • Short pay disputes: Users now have the ability to short pay an invoice without having to use an adjustment, and the streamlined process makes it easier to manage short paid invoice items.

  • Data retention settings: The new settings allow administrators to better manage the volume of day-to-day data that is generally not needed after a certain period of time.

To view all of the new features and functionality available with Calero PINNACLE 7.4, check out our What’s New Document or search the Knowledge Portal within your PINNACLE application.  You can also email us at