Spend Analysis Service

Reduce Telecom / Mobile Costs

Spend Analysis Service

Gain visibility into your telecom and mobile expenses

The telecom landscape is notoriously complex. For large organizations with business operations spanning across borders, the challenges only multiply. Keeping track of contracts, terms, conditions and assets can be time-consuming, resource intensive and require extensive local market knowledge.

Technology-enabled Spend Analysis for fixed-line, mobile, data and cloud expenses leverages a subset of your data to quickly identify waste, illustrate savings opportunities and execute on reducing costs. Spend Analysis is often the starting point for many organizations as they begin their journey towards expense management and a broader communications lifecycle approach.

Calero Spend Analysis Service

Better Visibility & Control

Gain more visibility into your current communications, including inventory, usage, and contracts — all will be linked together within our technology platform. And with powerful data discovery and visualization tools embedded into your application, you’ll find never-before-seen insights from individual countries, to a single, consolidated view across the globe — and everything in-between.


Building a detailed and accurate inventory and usage profile, using a subset of your data, enables you to quickly gain visibility and insight into potential areas that require optimization and lead to immediate savings. The audit leverages current and historical data to identify billing errors, anomalies and credit opportunities, and uncover opportunities to reduce expenses through service optimization on a go-forward basis.


Most corporations do not have visibility into the true state of the market relative to pricing, terms and conditions. Negotiating telecom contracts is complex. Ensuring your contracts meet or exceed industry standards is an integral part of our service. Our local experts have a strong understanding of the different rates and services offered in the market. This level of insight enables us to create accurate benchmarking data to compare and measure your existing services against.

Optimize and Identify Potential Savings

Identifying savings opportunities can be achieved with greater visibility and benchmark data. This includes refunds and credits, usage optimization (zero use, overages) and active support in contract (re)negotiation and right-sizing of inventory. Through our powerful analytics platform, we are able to highlight areas for optimization and validate that the incumbent providers’ billings are in line with contractual obligations. Examples include identifying legacy technology, closed locations with billed services, unused services, misalignment of products and services and unacceptable user behavior.

Strategic Sourcing and Contract Negotiation (Optional)

When it comes to negotiating contracts, establishing benchmarks and optimizing costs, a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work. The Calero team of in-market experts will work closely with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your communications providers. Our consultants are independent and are not affiliated with any carrier. This enables us to remain objective in negotiating contracts on your behalf.

The Calero CLM approach

Part of a Holistic Communications Lifecycle Approach

Supporting organizations, both large multi-national and regionally focused, is at the core of the Calero’s Communications and Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach. Learn more about the processes and solutions by clicking below.

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