Telecom Service Inventory

Telecom Service Inventory

The Service Inventory component of our IT Telecommunications Management solution encompasses the master configuration management database (CMDB) registry of active service inventory items and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) along with the assignment of services to owners, locations, configuration items, tracking the inter-dependencies of services to physical assets and relationships to other services.

Service Inventory includes the following capabilities:

Master Repository

Our experts will set up a master repository of your services along with the primary configuration parameter specific to each type of service.

Configuration Features

We can track the inter-dependencies and programmatic configuration features assigned to each provisioned service.

Service Level Agreements

Our solution provides dynamic modeling and association of SLAs to provisioned services, and  reporting that correlates service activities to your SLA commitments.

Ownership Management

We can accommodate flexible modeling of Services and Charges to various types of owners.

Location Management

We can provide a master repository of all available and assigned network provisioning points.

E911 NENA File Generation

We will manage the generation of the appropriate Add/Delete/Change (ADC) Automatic Location Identifier (ALI) record based on a change in disposition of a voice-related service to a location.


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