Service Desk

Service Desk

The Service Desk component of our Telecommunications Management solution helps you leverage self-service portals, structured workflow methods and service catalogs to facilitate prompt action on Move/Add/Change/Disconnect (MACD) service requests, and ensures that changes to services and assets meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Service Desk includes the following capabilities:

Service Catalog

Our solution enables the dynamic creation and publication of Service Catalogs that govern workflow routing activities and streamline data entry. Service Catalog elements should include workflow, auto assignment of related charges, configuration items, etc.).

Workflow Management

Our experts will set up customized workflows that govern the automatic routing of your workflow events.

Workforce Management

We will manage the availability, capacity, assignment, tracking and automated notification of support personnel to workflow activities.

Self Service Portal

Our solution accommodates the initiation and tracking of your service requests and incidents through an on-line portal.

Satisfaction Surveys

We can automatically initiate a survey based on business rule configuration for closing an incident.

Heirarchical Approval

We can accommodate the custom creation and automatic routing of service requests based on user-defined rules.

SLA-Based Escalations

Our experts will manage the automated performance tracking and reporting escalations associated to service requests for transactions that exceed SLA thresholds.

Project Assignment

We can manage the tracking of all your service request transactions associated to a particular project (e.g. new building, bulk activations, changes, disconnections, etc.).


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