Telecom Reporting and Business Intelligence

Telecom Reporting and Business Intelligence

Gain Actionable Insights

The Reporting and Business Intelligence component of our IT Telecommunications Management solution encompasses the tools and professional services that produce practical information and analytics in order to improve your financial forecasts and capacity planning. Use InSight Analytics to improve financial forecasts and conduct effective usage planning.

Reporting and Business Intelligence includes the following capabilities:

Interactive Dashboards

Our solution includes hierarchical aggregation and guided drill-down presentation of data to facilitate record-level identification of issues presented in a dashboard format.

Custom Report Generation

We enable custom querying, presentation and formatting of data retrieved from your system.

Ad-Hoc Spreadsheet Analytics

Our solution accommodates various types of spreadsheet ad-hoc analysis and storing of queries for future automated retrieval and presentation of information.

On-Demand Data Exports

We can export data into common file formats (e.g. PDF, XLS, XLT, TXT with various record delimiter, etc.).

Scheduled Report Generation

We facilitate the configuration of user-defined schedules to execute generation and email delivery of your published reports.

Watch the Video: Insight Analytics

Learn about how Insight Analytics helps you transform your voice, mobile and unified communications data into actionable insight that drives decision-making and hard-dollar savings.


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