Telecom Cost Accountability

Telecom Cost Accountability

The Cost Accountability component of our IT Telecommunications Management solution provides insight to help you quickly identify the ownership and track the consumption of IT services. Periodic financial snapshots are used to facilitate trend analysis, cost center charge allocation with general ledger and efficient budget planning.

Cost Accountability includes the following capabilities:

Usage Management

Our experts can assign financial ownership to usage transactions from your various network services including PBX, VoIP, Printers, Storage devices and invoices.

Recurring and Non-Recurring Charges

Utilizing an extendable and flexible recurring billing/chargeback model, our solution can manage various types of ICT network services

Cost Per User Type

Our solution accommodates flexible billing/chargeback models where the values for rate schedules and assigned costs are governed by a user-group/cost center assignment.

Variable Cost Allocations

We can proportionally allocate charges across multiple costs centers based on different shared paradigms (e.g. percentage, fixed, combinations thereof) of services.

Costs Per Service Transaction

Our experts can facilitate various cost models for different types of transactions (e.g. service activations, changes, disconnects, service fees, late fees, etc.).

Project-Based Cost Allocation

We can track the assignment of a recurring or non-recurring charge to a particular project (e.g. new building, remodeling, major event, etc.).


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