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April 6, 2017, Mobility / Service Support

By Andrew Taylor The need to have a firm enterprise mobility strategy is never more critical than now. The number of mobile workers was estimated...

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Mobile assets

How to manage and track mobile assets to drive improved business value

January 26, 2017, Mobility / Service Support

It’s 2017, do you know where your mobile assets are? If your answer is yes, but your organization’s mobile assets are managed using a big...

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BYOD Management

Successfully Managing the Bring Your Own Device Phenomenon

January 13, 2016, Mobility / Service Support

It is now a given that employees will use their personal devices to connect to company networks, known as Bring Your Own Device, as the...

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Mobility BYOD Webinar

Incorporating BYOD Into Your Mobile Strategy

January 5, 2016, Mobility / Service Support

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) seems to continue to dominate the mobility landscape. Some companies struggle with the decision to allow users to bring their...

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Mobile Device Management: How to Reduce the Risk of a Healthcare Security Breach

October 1, 2015, Financial Management

Healthcare data provides a valuable target for cyber criminals, with names, addresses, social security numbers, usernames and passwords available from electronic health record systems. A...

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Apple Mobile Device Management

Best Practices for Apple Mobile Device Management

April 7, 2015, Mobility / Service Support

Apple is the dominant mobile platform in the enterprise sector, accounting for 64 percent of worldwide enterprise-managed mobile devices in 2014. – Citrix The enterprise...

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MDM Solutions for Government Agencies

January 21, 2015, Mobility / Service Support

Today, more government agencies than ever before are working towards adopting mobility programs. On the one hand, it’s a very positive move. Research shows that...

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Mobile Device Management

5 Best Practices for Mobile Device Management

January 13, 2015, Mobility / Service Support

There’s no denying the strong trend we’re seeing towards an increasingly mobile workforce. And while this new way of working is great for employee productivity,...

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Mobile Device Management Evolution

January 7, 2015, Mobility / Service Support

It’s a very exciting time for the mobile device management (MDM) field. As new mobile technology emerges onto the market, MDM solutions are evolving in...

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Where DOES all the time go?

April 30, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

A friend of mine, Bob, is a sole proprietor. He owns a consulting company, helping small businesses with IT needs. Bob’s a techie by nature...

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