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It’s Time to Move Telecom Asset Management Off the Back Burner

September 1, 2016, Expense Management

Many companies begin a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) program with the plan to later address an overall telecom asset management strategy. But sadly, those plans...

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IT Strategy

A Roadmap to Improving IT Strategy, What Will Benefit Your Company Most?

March 10, 2016, Expense Management

Information technology (IT) is a key operational function at many organizations, requiring a strong strategy that is cohesive with the strategies with other departments. Otherwise,...

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telecom analytics example

IT Expense Management and Digital Business Alignment: The Holistic Approach

December 20, 2015, Expense Management

When you hear the term IT Expense Management (ITEM) the first thing that may come to mind is this industry push toward “how to run IT...

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IoT is disrupting traditional IT models

How IoT is Disrupting Traditional IT Management

July 10, 2015, Expense Management

Many are calling the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) the next Industrial Revolution poised to disrupt all facets of our daily lives. From...

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