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Software, services and local experts to help multi-national organizations optimize and manage global IT communications.

SolutionsA Global Approach to Telecom and IT Management

Extensive Local Knowledge and Expertise

Managing and optimizing communication expenses, assets and usage is increasingly complex, especially for large multi-national organizations supporting offices and employees across the globe.  Different rules, regulations and privacy requirements, which vary by country or region, amplify the

overall challenge for IT and Finance organizations – that’s where Calero comes in. Calero’s strength is rooted in our people, processes and in-market expertise. We do the heavy lifting for you by removing the complexity of managing your IT communications estate so you can focus on your core business.

Calero Global Approach:

In-Region Knowledge and Expertise

With offices both in North America and EMEA, you’ll be able to take advantage of in-region expertise when working across the multitude of local carriers, languages, currencies, and geographies.

Carrier Invoice Readers – On a Global Scale

With over 500 invoice readers natively built into the Communications and Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, Calero automates the collection, standardization, and interpretation of the widely differing range of invoice formats. Feel confident knowing that Calero currently services customer installations in every region across the entire globe.  

Data Security and Protection

Rest easy knowing your data is protected and compliant with in-region rules and regulations. Calero has local data centers in both North America and EMEA. In addition to being GDPR compliant, you’ll find a long list of certifications, inclusive of ISO 27001 and Privacy Shield.

24/7 Multilingual Mobile Support

Whether you’re a multilingual giant or a single-region operation, Calero speaks your language – and we do it when your people need it. Day or night, we are here to help.

Global Control and Visibility

With powerful data discovery and visualization tools embedded into your application, you’ll find never-before-seen insights from individual countries, to a single, consolidated view across the globe – and everything in-between.

Experts in Optimization

When it comes to negotiating contracts, establishing benchmarks and optimizing costs, a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work. The Calero team of in-market experts will work closely with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your communications providers.

Part of a Holistic Communications Lifecycle Approach

Supporting organizations, both large multi-national and regionally focused, is at the core of the Calero Communications and Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach.  Learn more about the processes and solutions by clicking below.


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