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Outsource telecom management functions, free up resources and optimize costs

Outsource Telecom Management

Outsource Telecom Management with Calero

Outsourcing telecom management is a fairly common approach for organizations that would like to re-dedicate time and resources to other more strategic IT or finance initiatives. The prevailing industry approach to accomplish this goal is typically via a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) vendor. TEM vendors come in many flavors, but when you’re looking to outsource telecom completely, the option most organizations turn to is a vendor capable of a full service business process outsourcing (BPO) engagement.

About the Calero TEM BPO Services:

Designed to allow you to outsource telecom management of your most critical communications infrastructures, the Calero TEM BPO service lets you get back your time and resources. Our dedicated full-service team will take care of invoice processing, inventory management, disputing bills with carriers, and more, all to help save you time and money.

Calero is committed to delivering superior solutions with integrity and personal service. The Calero White Glove approach is built around a client-centric strategy that starts with you, your goals, your expectations, and ends with nothing less than meeting your definition of success. With Calero you can expect a dedicated client success team, lean process management that drives continual improvement, and an analytical approach to enable predictable performance.

Calero’s dedicated team will allow you to outsource telecom management functions including:

  • Invoice processing
  • Invoice optimization and audit
  • Disputes with carriers
  • Ordering & provisioning new services
  • Managing inventory and MACD operations
  • Shared services management (cost allocation & charge-backs)

Plus, we’ll enable your organization with best-in-class business intelligence and reporting that allows you to fully understand your entire infrastructure. The Calero InSight Analytics solution is an embedded set of guide analytics designed to help you justify your return on investment, share findings with leadership, and gain transparency into the whole communications business.

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