BlogWireless Expense Management (WEM): How to Optimize Wireless Spend and Usage

Wireless Expense Management (WEM): How to Optimize Wireless Spend and Usage

augustus 3, 2017, Mobile Expense Management

Take the Right Steps to Identify Gaps and Seize Opportunities

By Scott Davis

With the continued explosion of mobile devices, wireless communications, apps, and access to data outside of the organization, today’s telecom managers have a growing challenge to gain better control over the associated expenses. And since communications services typically consume as much as 20% of the total IT budget, it stands to reason that wireless expenses will have an expanding impact to your overall budget.

To manage the growth in wireless costs, telecom managers must take measures to ensure spend and usage are optimized. We work with customers every day to help them find ways to carve out new savings. It’s a necessary exercise as industry research shows that almost 10% of these expenses are wasted due to inefficient processes, over payments, late payments and lack of optimization.

Here are key questions to ask yourself to start the process of identifying gaps so you can take the right action to optimize wireless expense management:

Assess your situation

  1. What wireless telecom assets and services do we currently have?
  2. Who is using these assets/services and how are they being used?
  3. What are they costing the organization? To come up with the real cost, make sure to include associated costs such as labor and lost productivity.
  4. What should they cost us? Gain better understanding into whether you’re getting the best rates and contract terms available.

Imagine the impact of innovation

  1. What can we automate or have managed externally? This can range from creating new ways to manage invoice processing, inventory, provisioning, and more.
  2. What will you gain with these changes? Consider the savings to the organization with increased efficiencies, cost reduction and other savings.

Seize the opportunity

  1. Should I look at a single EM solution for TEM/WEM? Having a unified platform for telecom and wireless expenses gives you a more holistic view, with clear visibility into all mobile devices, along with fixed voice communication and data usage expenses. Consider the benefits it delivers to your organization.

Are you ready to learn more about Wireless Expense Management? This brochure will help you start the process: Expense Management: Automate, Analyze, Optimize