BlogHow Telecom and UC Managers Can WOW Senior Management

How Telecom and UC Managers Can WOW Senior Management

september 15, 2016, Verbruik

Applying Analytics and Visualization to Uncover Hidden Issues

By Kari Bittner, Director Sales Enablement

Let’s face it, telecom managers don’t get a lot of “love.” Chances are, when people call or ping their telecom manager, it’s not to say, “Hey, thanks for keeping my phone working today!”  More likely, they have an urgent problem or some time-sensitive request that ends with “ASAP!” But consider the satisfaction you would gain if you were able to uncover formerly hidden telecom inefficiencies or issues and as a result – deliver new savings and true value to your organization.

If you’re not familiar with Calero’s VeraSMART Call Accounting software, it gives telecom managers a wide range of reporting options for combining, simplifying and sharing telecom data to answer virtually any question about network usage.

Now, there’s a VeraSMART 11 option that provides a new way to explore and interact with call data. The InSight Analytics data discovery and visualization tool is SERIOUSLY cool. I see substantial potential here for telecom managers to reverse the tides of indifference and get more appreciation for their hard work. The on-screen visualizations make it easy to discover cost savings opportunities and potential risks. You can compare metrics to spot subtle trends, geographic patterns and cost spikes. Because the same data is available in many different types of visualizations, and because there are so many ways to filter everything on the screen at once, it effectively uncovers patterns to highlight telecom data anomalies that, most likely, no one was even aware of.


When telecom managers can explore call data in new ways using InSight Analytics,  it reveals new issues and information to deliver savings and efficiencies to the organization.


Not everyone is a data nerd like me, so for those that may think analytics are complicated, they will enjoy working with this tool. But InSight Analytics makes it so much easier to discover valuable information in call detail records…which means it’s now a whole lot easier for telecom managers to WOW their senior management with actionable insights.

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If you haven’t seen InSight Analytics yet, check out this video tour. kari-bio