BlogThe New Business Value of Call Accounting

The New Business Value of Call Accounting

januari 16, 2016, Verbruik

How Global Brands are Applying Call Accounting Software to Solve New Business Challenges

Do you remember when making long distance calls were so expensive that businesses used call accounting software to monitor the expense? The telecom environment has changed dramatically, and while today’s software still does a great job monitoring both wireline and wireless usage, call accounting has evolved far beyond its origins.

Today’s innovative call accounting tools are used by some of the largest global brands to drive true business value. How? By simply making the data they’ve had all along easier to understand and analyze.

Here are just a few ways organizations leverage call data: 

  • Optimize telecom networks
  • Enhance corporate security
  • Track marketing ROI
  • Protect against security threats like fraud and abuse
  • Increase customer satisfaction

And that’s just the beginning.

The Business Value of Call Accounting

Powerful Cost Allocation

By incorporating usage and spend data with information about organizational structure and personnel, call accounting software provides powerful cost allocation capabilities, allowing usage costs to be assigned to individuals, extensions, projects, accounts, cost centers, and other organizational units.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Today’s call accounting software collects wireless and wireline call data, but that’s only half the battle. The key is to understand the data well enough to use it to make more  informed business decisions.  On-screen dashboards make it easy to view and manage day-to-day call activity. More advanced call accounting solutions also include powerful and flexible reporting capabilities that help the manager of telecom access and drill down into very specific information such as details about:

  • Trunk usage and capacity
  • 911 calls
  • Unanswered calls
  • Longest, most expensive, and after hours calls
  • Assigned charges by organization level

To put it simply, conventional or legacy call accounting reports explain WHAT happened. Now, there are more analytical focused tools on the market that can also explain WHY it happened as well as WHAT to expect in the future.

New Ways to Interact with Data

By adding an interactive layer to help visualize call data, and then allowing drill down capabilities, today’s tools have opened a door to an exciting new way of exploring and interacting with call data. Best in class organizations can now reveal connections instantly, and see opportunities and risks from every angle. Thus, transforming an organization’s hard work into quantifiable business insights designed to ensure future growth and success.

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