BlogCustomer Stories: Leveraging Reporting and Analytics for Business Intelligence

Customer Stories: Leveraging Reporting and Analytics for Business Intelligence

mei 23, 2019, Verbruik

The right reporting and analytics tools can make a huge difference for organizations seeking to drive better outcomes through the power of data. Just as important is knowing how to use these tools in order to solve real and immediate business problems.

In April, we published a blog post on 5 Calero VeraSMART Analytics Tools You May Not Have Discovered Yet, in order to help give users insight into often-overlooked features they may not be taking advantage of today. As a follow-up, we want to share a couple of actual use cases of customers leveraging Calero’s VeraSMART Call Accounting and Reporting software to solve real business problems.

Use Case #1: Marketing Intelligence with InSight Analytics

Calero customers often leverage InSight Analytics in order to use the software’s Call Geolocation Report or heat map, so they can visualize where their incoming calls are coming from. Customers use the report in order to help plan their marketing budgets for the next quarter or year, based on the geographic distribution of their incoming phone calls.

In traditional call accounting, customers rely on either static text reports or static dashboards. They can’t model their data in a real-time or near real-time fashion. InSight Analytics for Usage Management changes that. The module empowers customers to explore data deeply, reveal connections instantly, and see opportunities from every angle. With a wide range of filters, they can view data through charts, tables, pivots, summaries, and other visualizations.

InSight Analytics users can use their findings to help them decide where they should focus their marketing efforts and advertising budget, by being able to see exactly where calls are coming in from, including different geographic areas. Knowing where their interactions and touchpoints are happening, companies can then better plan their investment efforts.

Prior to reporting like this, customers had no way to see those metrics and determine if a certain market would be a viable one for them. Once that information has been unlocked, they save money by avoiding advertising spend in markets where call volume doesn’t exist. Sales and customer service teams have also been able to utilize that data to know exactly who and what areas they have been interacting with, in order to gauge their productivity, glean insights, and further refine their processes.

Use Case #2: Tracking Inventory with the Unused Extensions List View

A few years ago, one customer purchased Calero VeraSMART for a particular usage. The customer had many offices nationwide across the US, and they also had high turnover. Their main concern was that they needed a way to track all of their desk phones and phone usage, as hardware would end up in a desk drawer or a telco closet, and it became difficult to keep track of their asset inventory.

As any Telecom or Unified Communications Manager knows: Avaya, Cisco, and other PBX provider hardware endpoint licenses are expensive. It can be a black hole of resources to continue to buy licenses for devices that are actually going to be replaced, or to not have strong visibility on what assets are actually in use, and what has been deactivated or put into storage.

With the Unused Extensions List View, users can view and filter Call Accounting inventory that had no usage for a selected date range, as well as deactivate selected inventory items. Using this view, the customer above was now able to clearly see when each device and extension was last used. They could easily identify, put back into inventory, and reassign when needed to a new end user, avoiding the costs of wasted inventory and licenses.

How Can Communications Visibility Help Your Organization?

Calero’s VeraSMART Call Accounting and Reporting software helps you combine, simplify and share landline, cellular, and other business data and allocate telecommunication charges so that you can quickly deal with reporting inquiries, and stay focused on your business operations. The software includes a range of reports and dashboards, including the optional InSight Analytics module, that can give your organization never-before-seen visibility into your communications and help you transform your communications data into actionable insight.

Our customers are always finding ways to put these tools to use to solve pressing business problems. What problem can you solve today?

To learn more about VeraSMART’s reporting and analytic tools, download the whitepaper “5 Calero VeraSMART Analytics Tools You May Not Have Discovered Yet.”