BlogCalero PINNACLE Updated to Licensed Hosting for Simplicity and Efficiency

Calero PINNACLE Updated to Licensed Hosting for Simplicity and Efficiency

april 12, 2016, Uncategorized

Written by: Larry Foster,  Head of Product Strategy 

As a mobile society, we’re accustomed to on-the-go access, to everything, and have that preset expectation for solutions and apps to deliver. This instant gratification applies to every aspect of our professional lives, especially for those of us who are constantly connected. As such, organizations are moving toward SaaS solutions and away from on premise solutions. It’s critical to understand how your own organization would benefit from making the same move for improved collaboration and savings.

Why the Cloud

Simply put the cloud provides instant, anywhere, anytime access. We can update our reports and spreadsheets on mobile devices, make banking transactions from our phones and attend a video conference call from anywhere in the world. Cloud computing is what affords us our mobility and efficiency. As a business, the cloud offers:

  • Agility in bandwidth needs as they shrink or grow
  • Automatic software updates
  • Reduced hardware investments
  • Work from anywhere, anytime
  • Competitive advantage to access latest technologies

Empowering employees with this type of flexibility not only offers a work-life balance but enables stronger collaboration. According to one study, “73% of knowledge workers collaborate with people in different time zones and regions at least monthly.” These benefits, among others, will support business growth, savings and efficiency.

On-Prem versus Licensed Hosting

On premise solutions are hosted within the organization and can be accessed from the internal network or Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Though effective, these solutions require more support and technical staff to maintain its functionality. We’ve found that often times there are struggles to stay on top of these manual updates and reserve a dedicated time from IT staff, which can hinder the user experience for you and your team. Licensed hosted solutions have been trending because of their flexibility and simplicity when it comes to managing upgrades and enhancements, not to mention their affordability. We look at it this way, your team is busy, and IT is always busy, so why not try to rely on trusted behind the scenes support from experts?

Each on-prem solution varies, however, they tend to have commonalities including some of the following:

  • More expensive hardware costs
  • Higher installations costs due to hardware requirements and dedicated support staff
  • Longer downtimes during migrations due to replacement of infrastructures
  • Licensing is usually more granular and complex
  • Updates require multiple upgrades which can take a long time
  • Disaster recovery for on-prem is expensive and usually only affordable for larger enterprises

The alternative to on-prem solutions are Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions which are applications that are deployed over the internet.

In the example of Calero’s PINNACLE licensed hosted solution, it combines the license ownership and delivery concepts of premise and SaaS where the client acquires a perpetual license and then pays a subscription for Calero to manage the infrastructure hosting the PINNACLE solution (e.g. servers, storage, firewalls, etc.). The most common application is when a premise customer decides to move their PINNACLE application to a Calero hosting facility. The client retains perpetual license ownership and can migrate back to premise if desired. Another scenario is when customers purchase a license and selects to have Calero host the solution.

Making the Move

The benefits of licensed hosted surround efficiency, simplicity, and savings, both time and financial. It allows your team to experience a smooth transition while still focusing on your main objectives. Some of these benefits include:

  • Eliminating the need to find/schedule technical staff for upgrades, that’s what we’re here for
  • Simplified maintenance and management of solution upgrades
  • No costly servers or IT infrastructure, in-house
  • Easily moving to the latest version, with the newest functionality
  • Providing predictable costs and lower total costs of ownership, enabling the reallocation of resources to grow business

With the growing demands of our industry and roles, our connectivity is what drives our success. When that connectivity, to our essential workplace tools, is simplified through automatic updates, a reduction in resources behind the scenes, and streamlined efficiency, our objectives are clearly more attainable.

Moving to a licensed hosting SaaS environment makes all the sense in the world for organizations that are interested in keeping things simple. Whether you’re on our latest release, or on a previous version, you have the ability to make the move. And we’re here to help.

If you’re interested in learning more about making the move to the PINNACLE hosted solution, view our Licensed Hosted brochure or view our on-demand Top 5 Reasons to Explore PINNACLE’s Licensed Hosted SaaS Solution session.



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