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Where DOES all the time go?

april 30, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

A friend of mine, Bob, is a sole proprietor. He owns a consulting company, helping small businesses with IT needs. Bob’s a techie by nature and he always gets the latest and greatest technology to play with – I mean research – on behalf of his customers. Even though he’s been doing this for quite some time, Bob still gets himself into trouble. Here’s a recent story:

Without naming names, he bought a new smartphone from one of the major US carriers. It was the latest and greatest device with lots of storage, other bells and whistles and a respectable amount of included voice and data. He set it up, made a few calls, surfed the web and all was good. Or so it seemed.

You see, Bob not only loves his gadgets, but he loads them up with apps. I know you’re probably thinking that this story is going to be about malware, but guess again. He has a good mobile app that he uses to protect his mobile devices. Read on…

When he set up the phone, he proceeded to load the phone with work productivity apps, an expense tracking app, a contact synching app, some games and several other apps for business and personal use. Several of these apps worked as they should, but Bob soon discovered that there were conflicts. But which app or apps caused the problems? Was it the interaction of multiple apps or an issue between the app and the phone? Troubleshooting, uninstalling, reinstalling, calls to support, resetting, reloading and still Bob couldn’t use his phone the way he wanted to. Eventually he got it to an acceptable point by resetting to factory specs and loading a smaller set of apps.

Bob estimates that he lost at least ten productive hours that week messing with his new phone. With varying degrees of experience of the average worker, it’s scary to think how much productivity is lost annually just from employees getting new phones or mobile applications.  Whether you have technophobes in your organization or a multitude of people like Bob, you can be certain that if you’re doing nothing other than handing out new devices, productivity will suffer. Strong mobility policy management and Mobile Application Management software can help reduce the impact.