BlogSuccessfully Managing the Bring Your Own Device Phenomenon

Successfully Managing the Bring Your Own Device Phenomenon

januari 13, 2016, Mobility / Service Support

It is now a given that employees will use their personal devices to connect to company networks, known as Bring Your Own Device, as the benefits of convenience and improved productivity they provide become more apparent. However there is less security when bringing your own device into the corporate environment, and data security is a daily headline with major retail companies (among others) experiencing issues.

Solid Mobile Strategy

A solid mobile strategy that incorporates Bring Your Own Device (BYOD management )is needed for your workforce, to limit the number of security issues your company is exposed to.  A few things to consider:

Wireless Policy

A clearly defined guide of who will get access to mobility and how it should be used, a wireless policy should also include and outline of devices and services offered.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is essential for securing your mobile workforce. Having MDM software is not enough; it must be expertly managed to deliver the full range of potential benefits to your company and workforce.

Mobile Application Management

A company should identify which applications are worthwhile and can be used on mobile devices. This can limit the number of open intrusion paths.

Employee Training

In any mobility program, employees need to be trained on how to use mobile device(s) effectively while ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

Choosing the right BYOD Management Program

Whether a BYOD mobility program in your company is just starting out or has long been engrained in the culture, finding the right combination of employee buy-in and security is key. A comprehensive mobility management program, covering both employee and corporate liable devices, will help you optimize your mobile workforce while delivering security and other important benefits to your organization.

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