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My Smart Phone Is Air

april 23, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

Recently, a big event took place in our household.  I purchased a smart phone for my daughter and added her to the family cell phone plan. Reluctantly, I paid for phone and signed the new contract.  While the instant and significant separation from my money was not especially enjoyable, it had nothing to do with my reluctance.  No. In my mind, buying her a smart phone was like giving her a big shove down the pathway to ruin.  She will be like the typical teen, I reasoned, tethered to the phone every waking hour of everyday and racking up enough text messages in a month to make one question the laws of the space time continuum.  It would distract her from her school work and render her socially inept when it comes to actually conversing without using a touch screen.  Will I lose that ability to truly connect with her? Much to my surprise, the phone didn’t completely become like air to her… it’s just almost like air.

I found out that’s not such a bad thing.  Her responsible use of this device and the fact that she always has it with her has opened up a new means to communicate on a different plane that augments other ways we interact, but does not replace them.  My teen texting vernacular is expanding at an unbelievable rate and I’m amazed at just how much information can be conveyed without using complete sentences! The latest technological evolution deployed at home has allowed me to evolve and communicate with my daughter in the most optimal way.

While I’m sure there are times we all wished we could conveniently lose our cell phone (or at least wish the boss didn’t have the number), mobile devices are an integral part of the workplace and are driving important changes in the way we communicate.  The evolution of the mobile workforce is well underway.   I think my desk phone might soon be a museum piece, as I rarely use it. Most of my coworkers just dial my smart phone.  I use my phone to take pictures of whiteboard notes from meetings, augmenting the meeting experience, but not replacing it.  It’s also easy to share those notes with others. Talk about an optimal way to communicate.  In addition with all the available apps for business, the possibilities to use your mobile device to more effectively function at work are virtually limitless.  Now more than ever, it’s important for companies to have a handle on providing the right mobile devices with the latest capabilities to their workforce in the most cost effective way.  I think in business, communication is everything and if your company isn’t keeping up with the evolution, it’s risky to assume that neither is your competition.

In an odd twist, I’m realizing my greatest fear for my daughter is coming true for me at work; my smart phone is air!  That’s not such a bad thing.