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The Service Side of Enterprise Mobility Management

april 20, 2015, Mobility / Service Support

To manage the enterprise’s increasingly complex and rapidly evolving mobility needs, organizations can’t afford a limited approach. They need to adopt a comprehensive Managed Mobility Services (MMS) strategy — one that is comprised of both software and services.

The software side of MMS is the technology necessary to centralize the management of mobile devices and applications — namely, software for Mobile Device Management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and mobile information management (MIM). Equally important, however, is the service side of MMS, which provides mobility experts who can help the enterprise deploy, support, secure, configure, and manage all corporate-approved devices, applications, and services.

It’s the combination of software and services that is the silver bullet — allowing the enterprise to streamline operations, increase efficiencies, and generate savings on devices, mobile services, and infrastructure.

To ensure the success of your organization’s mobility program, here are the seven key components that should comprise the service side of your comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management solution:

1. Sourcing and Logistics encompasses the purchasing, provisioning, and activation of devices, network services, applications, and accessories. It’s a necessary component of EMM because it provides expert insight and logistical support to streamline operations and minimize disruptions to service. A strong Sourcing and Logistics service offering should include staging and kitting, depot repair, replacement and recycling, and device cascading.

2. Mobile Service Management comprises the systems and services necessary to inventory network contracts and endpoints. At the very minimum, a strong solution should include mobility experts who perform ongoing inspections of contracts, standing inventories, and call details, as well as make recommendations to optimize mobile services spending. At Calero, we take Mobile Service Management one step further and set up proactive usage management programs, which enforce usage thresholds based on roaming policies, expense limits, and location.

3. Devices and Systems includes MDM systems and internal support services. A strong solution should track and manage deployed devices, measure device performance and health diagnostics, offer help desk support to resolve end-user issues, and implement workflows to ensure consistent adherence to mobile policies. At Calero, we will also install your MDM application server and configure the necessary components and user profiles on your hardware.

4. Application and Messaging encompasses the systems and services necessary to deploy, configure, update, and manage mobile apps in the enterprise, as well as support corporate messaging. A strong solution should distribute a configured mobile app catalog and ongoing updates based on end-user profiles, track and communicate mobile application issues, and offer help desk service to resolve end-user issues related to installing and using mobile applications.

5. Security and Content comprises the systems and services necessary to administer and enforce rule-based policies related to the access and consumption of corporate resources and content through authentication, encryption, and containerization. A strong solution should support rule-based policy management, content management, and real-time fraud analysis to identify potential fraudulent use outside your mobile policies.

6. Program and Financial Management includes mobility experts who act as agents on your company’s behalf with third-party providers. They conduct ongoing and project-based services such as service outage, network performance, warranty management, device upgrade management, and local number portability transfer issues. A strong solution should also encompass the management of device financing plans, program audits, disputes, and the allocation of mobility expenses.

7. Reporting and Business Intelligence is one of the most important components of MMS services. It encompasses the tools and services necessary to provide the enterprise with practical information and analytics to improve financial forecasts and conduct effective usage planning. For example, at Calero we employ interactive dashboards that layer over your existing MDM or EMM software to facilitate record-level identification of issues, report generation, and analytics, allowing organizations to effectively plan for the future.

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