BlogProduct Singularity Is One Hot New Trend

Product Singularity Is One Hot New Trend

juni 17, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

Like many hot technology buzz words, “product singularity” is a term that is unfamiliar to most people.  But it describes a trend that is already affecting all our lives. You might already be the user of product singularity and not even realize it. It has started to pop up across different devices and product lines with the explosion of services that have transitioned away from onsite installations to the cloud.  Product singularity refers to the integration of different products and services into a single continuous user experience, and the movement is coming down the tracks with a full head of steam.

There are instances of this continuity that have cozied up with some of your daily online tasks or programs. Universal note-taking applications are one of the first ones that come to mind. You could be using the EverNote or OneNote mobile app on your tablet during a meeting, and when you get back to your desk you could open the document on your PC to make revisions or add secondary notes. Another instance is the expansion of the Google Now platform. Google has tied together information from your email, web searches, online shopping, navigation, and much more across both PC and mobile. I love the fact that you can search for the address of your next business meeting from your work PC and almost immediately see your route navigation and estimated time of arrival on your smart phone. That’s pretty cool!

The movement picked up quite a bit of support this week at the Apple WWDC when the newest versions of iOS and OS X were announced. Apple is aiming to have a single experience across their digital products. You will be able to start a document on one device, leave it for another task, and finish on a second Apple device. They have even made it so OS X can receive phone calls!

We are getting closer to the point where you carry a single device that houses your policies and the processing power that you need, and when you need to change locations you dock it in a station at your destination. How sleek and easy does that sound? This type of mobility really changes the game for BYOD and security in the enterprise. Has your company even pondered this scenario? It might be a good idea, because this train will be leaving the station before you know it – whether you’re on it or not!