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Mobile Device Management Evolution

januari 7, 2015, Mobility / Service Support

It’s a very exciting time for the mobile device management (MDM) field. As new mobile technology emerges onto the market, MDM solutions are evolving in increasingly sophisticated and interesting ways to keep up with the latest advancements.

An example of mobile device management evolution: when MDM first appeared, it was a vastly different field from the one we know today. The early MDM solutions focused solely on securing employees’ actual devices. They were primarily concerned with features, hardware management, and the ability to find and wipe the device remotely.

While these mobile security features are still an important piece of MDM, today’s solutions as a whole are far more all-encompassing. Now, in addition to securing the actual device, MDM solutions also protect the corporate network and address the use of applications. IT departments now have the ability to blacklist applications that pose a threat, and impose security features on allowed applications.

At the current moment, the field is in the midst of a very exciting evolution towards cloud-based MDM, which is far easier to set up and more convenient for IT departments to maintain. These solutions expand on mobility by giving IT teams the ability to enroll, lock, and manage employee devices from remote locations.

In the very near future, IT departments will require added security for wearable devices, so we will see MDM evolve once again to meet these new needs.

For starters, IT departments will need to be given the ability to protect the data exchanged between wearables, so that unauthorized individuals cannot intercept it. In addition, IT departments will need to know who is using each device and from where, and to ensure that only authorized employees are using the wearables.

While this is the essence of what the evolution of MDM has shown us thus far, the field continues to advance every single day. Each new solution is more sophisticated than the last, and it’s exciting to see how the field adapts each time new mobile technology becomes available.

Our recommendation for you? Stay on top of what’s happening in MDM, to ensure that your organization’s mobile workforce is at the forefront of this technical evolution.

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