BlogManaged Mobility in the Workplace: Equipping Your Employees for Success

Managed Mobility in the Workplace: Equipping Your Employees for Success

juni 14, 2019, Mobility / Service Support

By Jim Le

Mobility plays an integral role in today’s workplace. Equipping employees with the right tools and technology to successfully perform their job and meet employer expectations is critical. However, many companies fail to recognize the importance of providing a seamless onboarding experience, which serves as an important touchpoint that can set the tone for the days ahead. Good or bad, the experience can have an impact on the company culture, an employee’s productivity and even employee retention.

Scenario 1: Meet Sally, a recent college graduate. Competition for her IT skillset is fierce. After receiving multiple offers, she accepts her “dream” job and is ready to conquer the world on her first day of work. After sitting through the customary company training session, Sally receives her laptop. At the top of her inbox is an email to order her corporate cell phone and tablet. Sally clicks the link, selects her phone (she has always loved Samsung), tablet, the best carrier for her area and rush delivery. The entire process is simple and smooth. When Sally arrives at work the next day, her shiny new devices await – packaged with all the necessary accessories (chargers, blue-tooth headset, etc.) and pre-loaded with critical apps for her job. Sally is ecstatic – the entire on-boarding process has affirmed that she chose the right company and position.

Scenario 2: Steven often worked on group projects with Sally in college. Like Sally, he went through a similar process to find his dream job and is eager to start his career journey. Unfortunately, his onboarding experience wasn’t as pleasant. He did not get his laptop until his third day and he had to fill out paper work to order his corporate phone. It is now week three and he’s not sure when he will have all of the tools to do his job and immediately questions whether he chose the right company and position.

Unfortunately for Steven, his situation is an all too common occurrence. Too many times in the business world, we focus on the importance of customer experience, but tend to overlook the employee experience, which is just as critical to overall satisfaction and productivity. Not only does mobile access keep “the business” moving faster and employees more engaged, they feel more empowered by having better tools. Studies even show that organizations with a solid onboarding process experience 50 percent greater new-hire productivity and have a much higher likelihood of employee retention. So how can you ensure your employees are equipped for success from the start?

Delivering a Personalized “Out-of-the-Box” Experience

The reality is that if you’re a large organization, you may be deploying hundreds, if not thousands of devices, which can take an enormous amount of time, resources and ultimately lead to increased costs if not managed correctly. Working with a Managed Mobility Services (MMS) provider, like Calero, can help remove this complexity by simplifying and streamlining the entire mobility onboarding experience, allowing you to ‘wow’ your employees from the start.

Leveraging an online mobility portal, employees can intuitively select from an already approved list of devices, carriers and accessories. It’s as easy as ordering a phone from a carrier like Verizon or AT&T. This is a game changer for your employee experience. To enhance the experience even more, MMS providers and Calero offer enhanced services to ensure devices are ready, out of the box. With staging and kitting, opening the package and using your corporate device for the first time is as simple as the ordering process. The package contains all necessary accessories (extra charger, blue-tooth headset, etc.) and corporate approved applications are pre-loaded. Your employees are truly “mobile” and ready to go, from day one. Should a device need repaired or replaced down the road, the MMS provider will help.

Having a well-defined process can remove much of the burden from your IT staff, while helping to promote efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction. Plus, you can rest assured that employees have what they need from the start, while eliminating unnecessary costs.

To learn how mobility can impact your workforce, download this whitepaper.

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