BlogIncorporating BYOD Into Your Mobile Strategy

Incorporating BYOD Into Your Mobile Strategy

januari 5, 2016, Mobility / Service Support

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) seems to continue to dominate the mobility landscape. Some companies struggle with the decision to allow users to bring their own devices to work. One thing that gets in the way, is the thought that BYOD and corporate liable are mutually exclusive. That decision was made a long time ago.  BYOD should be an effective policy to compliment your corporate paid mobile strategy program.  The decision now is how do you manage your BYOD environment and what is an appropriate policy to manage the BYOD users in your enterprise.  Further, how does your policy account for the differences between BYOD users and your corporate paid subscribers? 

Unfortunately, too many companies fail to identify and plan for the BYOD users.  Every employee is carrying a phone today, most are smartphones, so plan to enable their access to empower every worker as a knowledge worker. To do this, companies need to secure access with a top tier Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform.  In the past, just checking the box was enough to say you have security via your MDM platform.  IT shops need to look beyond the basics of device management and take advantage of the great benefits MDM can bring to an organization. Content management seems to be overlooked today as well and can be an easy implementation for most organizations.

Finally, to realize the promise of enterprise mobility, companies need to develop and document their mobility policy. Be sure to include BYOD as part of your mobile strategy and keep that policy up-to-date. 

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