BlogForget love and money. Today, it’s mobile data that makes the world go ‘round.

Forget love and money. Today, it’s mobile data that makes the world go ‘round.

maart 4, 2015, Mobility / Service Support

Your smart thermostat will help you save energy while ensuring your house is at the optimal temperature. Your smart car will save you time and money by selecting the most efficient route to work. Your devices and smart applications help manage the mobile data that make it all work.  But who is making sure your data privacy is intact?

These machine-to-machine devices and applications collect and share terabytes of data about your daily habits and behaviors. With all this information bouncing between mobile devices and company-operated applications and systems, it’s no surprise that security and data protection are a big part of the conversation on connectivity.

While a lot of the data collected – like your preferred temperature at home – are simple metric points; others, like the route you take to and from work every day or the biometric details collected and measured by your wearable mHealth devices, are very personal. What’s more, even those simple metric data points can, if you dig enough, prove to be personally identifiable information.

Of course, this concern over data privacy and protection is paramount for consumers. It is equally critical for organizations. More organizations are adopting connected devices, including mobile devices (company issued or BYOD), sensor-rich machines and other connected business systems, to empower their business with new revenue streams and more efficient operations, as well as improve employees’ productivity and provide better service to customers.

With such fantastic rewards on the table, there are also risks that the data be compromised or abused.

Organizations will have to think about how they secure their data and protect the privacy of their employees and customers. Doing so will require an involved and deliberate process that begins with working with reputable and reliable providers, including cellular carriers, cloud applications, and other providers to help manage business-related devices and systems.

It also requires establishing and setting security and privacy policies that are then administered and enforced through each communication and business system available across the enterprise.

Increasingly, for individuals and organizations, it’s data that makes the world go ‘round. We all want it to keep spinning!