BlogElevate Your Employee Mobile Experience With Calero VeraSMART 14.0

Elevate Your Employee Mobile Experience With Calero VeraSMART 14.0

oktober 1, 2019, Mobile Expense Management, Mobility / Service Support

Enriching the employee mobile experience just got easier with Calero VeraSMART 14.0.  This latest release takes your employee’s experience to a whole new level with a newly enhanced self-service “Mobility Portal” (formerly “Wireless Portal”) that’s now sleeker, more intuitive and easily accessible. All existing functionality that was previously available has been maintained.

With the new employee portal, employees can be more productive and efficient, while focusing their core efforts on higher value tasks and priorities. Key highlights include:

  • Anytime, anywhere access – the portal is accessible from any device (smartphone, tablet, or PC), anytime, anywhere making it easier for employees whether in the office or on the go.
  • Intuitive user interface – Leveraging the latest UI/UX technology, the new employee portal features an intuitive consumer-like design that allows for easy management of wireless services, usage data, and mobile devices – all within a single application.

  • Take action with a single touch – With a single touch or click, a workflow can be quickly launched. Users can:
    • Activate service on an existing device or transfer service from one device to another
    • Order/upgrade device (including wi-fi device) and accessories
    • Register/update/remove a personal device
    • Suspend or cancel service
    • Change carriers
    • Make a help desk request
    • Release liability to the company
    • Replace a device, or report if lost or stolen
  • Enhanced Visualizations for Usage and Charges – Employees can quickly visualize usage and charge anomalies and take actions through the mobility portal.

The VeraSMART Mobility Portal allows employees to access a simplified version of VeraSMART’s mobile ordering and device management tool.

Learn More During Calero World Online

To learn more about Calero’s new employee portal, be sure to join us on October 3rd for our Calero World session titled “Using Mobility to Power the Best Employee Experience – Enabling Today’s Digital Worker”.  To register, click here.


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