BlogYou Don’t Have to Be an Apple Fanboy to Be a Fan of iOS 8

You Don’t Have to Be an Apple Fanboy to Be a Fan of iOS 8

september 4, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

School’s back in session; fall is right around the corner. That means Apple is getting ready to release a new product. I’m not really an Apple Fanboy, but I think Apple’s iOS 8 for the enterprise deserves a mention. Apple has gradually released more and more security and management functionality, closing some key gaps and making the end users’ experience better. This latest release will allow better control of the device, data, and applications on the most prevalent device in the enterprise. Here are a few key items and why they matter.

  • Better access protection for the most common enterprise applications – Mail, along with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and other PIM data. It delivers more peace of mind for the Security team, and TouchID will make it tolerable for the user getting into other apps as well.
  • Certificate Support for SSO –This will be key as more security is added to your apps; users won’t want to lose the usability of their favorite device by having to log in to every app they need for work.
  • Closing the loop on MDM enrollment – IT can now prevent users from un-enrolling, adding their own restricts, and wiping devices. You’ll no longer have to reimage your shared device pool because someone got careless…or a little too creative.
  • From a productivity standpoint, users will finally be able to set up Out of Office from their iOS device and see colleague availability when scheduling meetings.
  • End users will also love the continuity between devices if they have an iPad or Mac. Assuming you want to allow peer to peer sharing, it should be very easy to move files to any device. There is also more restriction on opening files in various apps. Because it’s easy for end users, they are more likely to use the Content Management tools you support.

Apple’s iOS for the enterprise will provide a nice mix of new security that end users won’t mind using. Do you have a way to check the OS version on the devices in your environment? Do you have a way to force updates to get this latest security?