KenniscentrumTailored Procurement Solutions for Mobile Enterprises

Tailored Procurement Solutions for Mobile Enterprises

Enterprise procurement can be an overwhelming task. Calero streamlines every aspect of ordering and managing enterprise mobility, from the initial employee shopping experience to management workflows, policy acceptance, and device delivery. Our tailored procurement solutions help you gain maximum benefits from carriers control costs, automate processes, and support corporate adherence to your mobile device policies.

Calero has decades of experience and a full suite of industry-leading communications management solutions. With our focused commitment to innovation and customer service, and the resources and resolve to back it up, Calero is a true alternative to the status quo and able to go one better in meeting your fixed and mobile communications management challenges.

Calero provides enterprise communications management solutions to thousands of customers in the United States and more than 40 countries worldwide, including Fortune 1000 corporations, universities, and government agencies.