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KenniscentrumMedia General Cut Communications Expenses by 10% with Calero

Media General Cut Communications Expenses by 10% with Calero

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Calero’s Mobility Management Services (MMS)


Media General, owner of over 24 daily newspapers, 275 weeklies, and 19 network affiliated television stations in addition to their related websites and portals, wanted better control over its fixed communications expenses. The company has 145 locations across the southeast and 2,000 mobile devices nationwide which generated 267 monthly invoices from varied carriers and contracts. It was difficult to track and manage because corporate had very little central visibility into their overall communications expenditures.


Media General’s large southeastern organization evolved to the point where each of its 145 locations were managing their local, long distance, mobile and data expenses in different ways. The resulting mix of contracts, carriers, devices and pricing agreements created multiple challenges for management. They wanted one central view into their telecom inventory, monthly spend, optimized rate plans, over-spending and process inefficiencies.


When Media General’s large fixed telecom carrier contract was up for renewal, Calero consulting experts applied their extensive industry expertise and customer benchmarking metrics to provide Media General’s current carrier a set of target expectations. Calero was successful in renegotiating new terms with its existing carrier to create additional savings.
Beyond lost savings opportunities, Media General was struggling to effectively manage usage, inventory and repairs with their almost 2000 mobile devices across multiple divisions.

To bring its mobile situation under control, Calero evaluated the company’s historical mobile data and implemented its proven process to optimize the various carriers, rate plans and pools. Calero identified many zero usage and idle devices that were disconnected, giving Media General immediate cost savings.
Calero now manages Media General’s invoice processing and payment. All bills come into the Calero solution and generate one simple monthly bill containing a detailed allocation of all costs including the cost of Calero services. Calero also handles the carrier bill payments. This provides Media General clear insight into its fixed telecom spend and efficiently provides end-to-end invoicing to payment workflows.

We needed to gain visbility into our fixed telecom spending and Calero helped us reduce annual expenses by 10 percent.

— Ross Putney, director of IT, planning and budget

Calero simplified Media General’s overall purchasing and payment processes and consolidated the myriad of diverse fixed telecom invoices into one efficient system. The Calero

solution provides Media General improved visibility across the enterprise, more control and one centralized repository of telecom information.

The savings realized by Media General have more than paid for the investment in Calero solutions and they continue to realize additional benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Accurate inventory of fixed services and mobile devices
  • Improved visibility into telecom spending
  • Increased control over contract management
  • Centralized invoice processing & payment


The Calero team helped Media General collect and reconcile its inventory and invoices through an initial audit of all services. During this process, Media General realized its fixed telecom expenditures were much greater than they had initially thought. By consolidating all of its varied carriers, rate plans and invoices into one central process, the company had better visibility into its fixed telecom landscape. With a centralized view of all Media General’s telecom data, Calero was able to assist the company in managing its existing contracts, negotiating lower pricing, simplifying invoicing and saving money. As a result, Calero reduced Media General’s invoice volume by almost half. With one carrier alone, it went from receiving 91 invoices to just one invoice. Media General now enjoys improved pricing, aggregated billing, better visibility and cost savings.