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KenniscentrumHow M2M Will Impact The Enterprise

How M2M Will Impact The Enterprise

how m2m will impact the enterprise

Machine-to-machine or M2M communication is technology that allows for wireless and wired systems to autonomously communicate with one another. This machine-to-machine communication is one of the foundational matters behind the emerging technology of the Internet of Things (IoT). M2M presents businesses with a variety of opportunities, but will also come with immense challenges in terms of support, management, security and more.

Networks are already being impacted by M2M, and the costs of embracing this trend can be significant when processes are not streamlined. Enterprises will need the ability to track, manage and control M2M usage, inventory, provisioning and spend. These solutions will require capabilities similar to those that fall under the category of communications lifecycle management solutions used to handle voice, data and mobile services, though there are some differences.

One of the original examples of M2M is the automated teller machine, which can communicate with other equipment and systems without human intervention through wired or wireless connections.