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Calero Telecommunications
Management (TM)


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has been a leader in science and engineering research for more than 70 years. Located on a 200-acre site in the hills above the University of California’s Berkeley campus, adjacent to the San Francisco Bay, Berkeley Lab holds the distinction of being the oldest of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Laboratories. Berkeley is managed by the University of California, operating with an annual budget of more than $785 million (FY 2014) and a staff of over 4,000 employees, including more than 1,000 students.

The Information Technologies and Services Division (ITSD) supports Berkeley Lab’s scientific mission by developing and maintaining the Laboratory’s computing, information and communications infrastructure. This infrastructure includes networking and telecommunications; desktop computing support; information systems for management; scientific and technical information; and computer security.


In 2007, Berkeley Lab’s ITSD decided it was time to move on from its existing communications management system to a more advanced solution. With technologies developing toward integrated and automated systems, Berkeley looked to install the Calero Communications Management software. ITSD Director of Telecommunications Richard Gregory had been following Calero’s development for the past eight years and chose the solution based on the fact that Calero would help Berkeley Labs “automate several communication processes and reduce the effort needed to continue moving forward with technology.”


Although Gregory realized “the Calero product is much better than the competitors’,’” he admitted that Berkeley Labs chose Calero based on its superior customer service. “The biggest benefit of working with Calero is the interface and interaction between our companies, “ said Gregory. “If we have a problem, Calero will fix it.“

With support from the Calero customer service support team, Berkeley Labs successfully implemented several Calero modules — Usage, Chargeback, Infrastructure, E911, Service Desk, Optimization and Inventory. With these modules, Berkeley Labs now has access to call details, can validate personal line usage, and can process cellular calls, which it could not do through its previous communications management system. According to Gregory,“ Calero eliminated the need for additional processes and allowed us to avoid additional costs. If Berkeley Labs didn’t choose Calero,we would have had to implement a separate system to handle all cellular calls.”

Customer care is always helpful, which is why we chose Calero to begin with. We knew the Calero product was a very customer-oriented solution when we chose it. My expectations have always been met.

—Richard Gregory, ITSD Director of Telecommunications


Calero has now been in production at Berkeley Labs for over 10 years. “If we have a problem,” Gregory stated, “the Berkeley staff calls the Customer Support Center and speaks to our contact, David Sansone. Customer care is always helpful, which is why we chose Calero to begin with.” Gregory continued, “We knew the Calero product was a very customer-oriented solution when we chose it. My expectations have always been met.”

Gregory’s experience with Calero has been so positive to this point that he decided to upgrade to the latest Calero release. As with Berkeley’s initial implementation, things went very smoothly during the Calero Version 6 upgrade. “Calero staff members were out here for a couple of weeks leading training sessions,” Gregory stated. With Calero, “It is more of a partnership. The Calero team takes ownership of any issues. “ Gregory’s experience with superior customer service and a reliable management solution is why Berkeley Labs will continue with Calero in the future.