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CLM Expense Management

clm expense management

Business Challenges

There is significant complexity involved in effectively managing contracted services. This is, in large part, the result of an ever-increasing variety of new digital services, along with a full spectrum of unified communication and collaborative cloud solutions. Add creative marketing along with ambiguous rate plans, a myriad of taxes and surcharges, complex usage commitment and discount plans, and you arrive in an unruly telecommunications environment which becomes very difficult to navigate.

Invoices are linear payment reports that do not enable efficient, multi-dimensional financial analysis. The details to support effective expense management are always dispersed across hundreds of invoice pages and sometimes not included in the invoice. The key to improving organizational efficiencies is evolving beyond reactive, traditional invoice analysis to proactive Communication Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Expense management improves your business intelligence capabilities by organizing your invoice data in an intuitive manner to help you monitor costs against contracted rates and analyze carrier and cloud-partner performance.