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KenniscentrumCity of Dallas – 2017 Calero Innovation Award Winner

City of Dallas – 2017 Calero Innovation Award Winner

City of Dallas Communications Lifecycle Management Award


The Mission Possible Award recognizes an organization that is a trendsetter — the first to accomplish something new or go beyond where others have in the past with innovation using Calero solutions.

City of Dallas – Janice Peters, Business Manager III

The City of Dallas (CoD) is a prime example of anything’s possible when it comes to implementing innovative approaches for managing their communications lifecycle within Calero. In 2001, the CoD focused primarily on telecom billing and chargebacks, which started to provide some visibility into the environment. At that point, however, city departments only knew what they were being charged (overall) with very little detail behind the numbers. As they continued their journey, they realized they still lacked insight into their actual telecom services and usage.  To add further complexity, assets were tracked manually through multiple spreadsheets, making it error-prone and difficult to have a source of record.

City of DallasFlash-forward to today, the City of Dallas has expanded their use of Calero to include inventory management, invoice management, Switch Audit and Department Manager. They’ve been able to retire many legacy systems, eliminate manual processes across dozens of departments, and implement a centralized Asset Management repository for their telecom and non-telecom IT assets and services. As a result, the CoD is able to provide detailed asset, cost and usage to their internal stakeholders and departments across the city. Through automation, invoice processing can now be completed within two days as opposed to two weeks, freeing up valuable resource time. In addition, the City has generated nearly $1 million in savings which has contributed significantly to cost reduction efforts.

About the 2017 Calero Innovation Awards

Calero is extremely proud to support over 3000 clients. By supporting such a broad set of enterprises, universities and government agencies, we have a unique insight into the continual innovation being driven across the communications management industry today. The Calero Innovation Awards are our way to spotlight the most forward-thinking of these regional and global organizations. The winners were selected based on the impact and business value created by implementing new processes and approaches to managing their communications lifecycle.