BlogWhat’s New in Calero VeraSMART V11.2

What’s New in Calero VeraSMART V11.2

februari 9, 2017, Uitgaven, Verbruik

Calero is pleased to announce the release of Calero VeraSMART V11.2. This release has many enhancements. The major updates are outlined in the article below, and you can find full “what’s new” documents in the Calero VeraSMART User Community portal.

The highlights of the V11.2 release of Calero VeraSMART include:

Enhanced service agreement tracking

  • Inventory Contracts are used for tracking service agreements down to the inventory item level. (Service agreements define the level of support for the inventory.)
  • Key Features:
    • Provides alerts for any service agreements or contracts about to expire on inventory items
    • Tracks Maintenance Contracts on inventory items’ value
  • Note: Calero VeraSMART customers do not need the invoicing module to track contracts on inventory

Added ability to track maintenance contracts on Inventory Items’ Value

  • Invoice Contracts represent an agreement made for one or more accounts with a vendor, typically to set down services to be provided, as well as negotiated rates. Contracts are often associated with commitments to certain usage, purchases, and/or expense levels in order to obtain discounts and/or lower rates.
  • Key Features:
    • Enhanced ability to track Maintenance Contracts on inventory items’ value
    • Tracks SLAs, terms of contracts and specific rates
    • Provides alerts for any service agreements or contracts about to expire on invoice items

New mobility-focused analytic capabilities

VeraSMART V11.2

  • Enhanced Calero VeraSMART mobility analytics, powered by Calero InSight Analytics, include usage and charges following the same conventions as the other Calero VeraSMART analytics. This embedded analytic solution provides information on wireless charges within the time range on the summary line, organized under the following sheets:  Charges, Devices, Vendor & Device Type Comparison, Zero Usage Overview, Zero Usage Charge Summary, Data Usage, Overage Charges, Usage Details and Charge Details.
  • Key Features:
    • More easily identifies savings
    • Enables cost center manager or above to view expenses for their own reports – either by cost center or managerial hierarchy

ServiceNow (and other third party system) integrations for mobile ordering

  • Key Features:
    • This enhanced capability allows users to create tickets from incoming emails
    • Open integration with external mobility ordering system such as ServiceNow
  • Calero VeraSMART now supports Microsoft Edge. Interested in using Calero VeraSMART in Microsoft’s latest browser? No problem. You now have full Calero VeraSMART functionality using this modern web interface.
    • Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft and is included in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, and Windows Holographic, replacing Internet Explorer as the default web browser on all device classes.

To learn more about the new Calero VeraSMART V11.2 release:

  • Contact Calero support at support@calero.comor 585.381.0115.
  • View the “What’s New” documentation for Calero VeraSMART Call Accounting and/or Calero VeraSMART TEM in the Calero VeraSMART User Community portal. Once in the portal, follow these navigation steps: Downloads > Documents > Product Bulletins > New Features