BlogTop 10 Ghoulish Tricks IT and Communications Folks Face Every Day

Top 10 Ghoulish Tricks IT and Communications Folks Face Every Day

oktober 31, 2019, Mobile Expense Management, Mobility / Service Support, Uitgaven, Verbruik

Updated October 2019

To celebrate Halloween, we thought we’d bring back one of our all-time favorites – enjoy!

IT and communications professionals beware. These 10 ghoulish tricks can quickly creep up on you if you’re not vigilant. Taking action now will prevent you from falling victim to Halloween horrors all year long!

  1. Ghost Buildings: You’re still paying for services at a building that was abandoned long ago – now that’s scary … and expensive.
  2. Zombie Devices: The data on your mobile device inventory is more like the night of the living dead. If you’re being charged for mobile devices that no longer have an owner, you may scream when you see how much  money you’re wasting.
  3. Vampire Services: Are unfettered services growing unchecked – taking bigger bites from your budget as consumption and charges grow every month? Time to stop the bleeding.
  4. Phantom Charges: These are those mischievous incremental hidden charges that populate your invoice without detection. They are strangling your budget, so the faster you eliminate these nasty little guys, the better.
  5. Shadow IT: Is your IT organization in the dark when it comes to having the information to maximize your purchasing power? Time to do some digging and uncover the best options to help you save.
  6. Security – Enter at Your Own Risk: With a digital hungry workforce, comes increased security risks and potential network vulnerabilities – and the mere thought makes you shudder. Putting proper policies and processes in place can help prevent a real nightmare.
  7. Cryptic Vendor Invoices: Do elusive billing formats make your blood curl? Working with a TEM vendor will help reduce headaches.
  8. Graveyard Network: Your communications network consists of antiquated systems and outdated technology. Time to let the skeletons out and breathe new life.
  9. “Web” of Big Data – Data alone is meaningless. Without the proper means to dissect, interpret and analyze, you’ll get tangled in the web.
  10. Disappearing Budgets: With shrinking budgets and mounting pressure to support the needs of the business, you’re expected to do more with less. With a little hocus-pocus, everything ‘magically’ works, right?

Don’t be tricked. Take back control over your communications with the right solution and tools. The reward will be SWEET!