BlogHow to Extend TEM into Wireless Expense Management (WEM)

How to Extend TEM into Wireless Expense Management (WEM)

mei 12, 2016, Uitgaven

Written by: Rick Slawinski, Mobility Solutions Consultant

Whether you currently have a telecom expense management (TEM) program in place or are considering implementing one, chances are, you’re probably interested in managing invoices for more than just the devices plugged into your office walls.

TEM alone certainly helps you optimize the costs of fixed-line telecom services. However, best-in-class organizations understand that this infrastructure no longer stops there. As such, one best practice is to extend TEM solutions to include Wireless Expense Management (WEM) and Mobility Management Services (MMS).

Wireless expense management (WEM) is the natural evolution of TEM. It is designed to address wireless challenges like:

  • Multiple carries with multiple formats
  • Understanding various plan configurations
  • How to compare contract versus billed
  • Recognizing and preventing fraud
  • Managing changing carrier plans
  • Maintaining hardware costs
  • Tracking, updating and supporting devices
  • Providing insights and reporting to business unit leaders
  • Reducing fees for late payments
  • Benchmarking against industry counterparts

wireless expense management WEM screenshotWEM is comprised of asset management, carrier invoice management and carrier usage management among other services. It affords you the opportunity to manage your global mobile usage and inventory through automated payment processes, dispute management to ensure recovery of credits, implement improved provisioning processes, and optimize plans with intelligence gathered through powerful analytics.

Without a WEM solution, many, if not most, of these processes are not typically automated or optimized, which create costly gaps and poor end user experiences. Through WEM, your vendor will help you gain the control you may have not realized you were missing. This directly impacts compliance and efficiency which translates to savings and ongoing optimization.

Managed mobility services (MMS) compliments the holistic approach and your implementation by partnering with your vendor to do some of the heavy lifting. Allowing you the ability to re-align resources to focus on more mission critical tasks and improving processes, your new partner will serve as an extension of your team. They should support your day-to-day non tactical efforts with services like mobile device and service procurement, provisioning, help desk and policy management, among others.  Best of all, with the right vendor, this can all be done within the same solution or platform that you’re running your current TEM and WEM program on!

Managed mobility services screenshotCan you imagine how easy it would be to do it all in one place?  Adding this level of simplicity to your life? Gaining a level of visibility that could add real strategic value?

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